Artificial plants: Save money in your business

The main benefit of choosing artificial plants for your office, restaurant, hotel, spa, or retail premises is that they’re very easy to maintain, making them perfect if your staff don’t have the time to maintain them. This is because they don’t need to be watered, fed, or kept in the right environment to ensure they always look their very best.


However, artificial plants aren’t just great if your business doesn’t have the time and resources to care of them; did you also know they can be very cost-effective way of adding some life and colour to your building?


Choose high quality artificial plants


White and brown plant pots placed on chequered tables

If you choose artificial plants that are good quality, then they’ll have the potential to last for five years or longer. This means you’ll usually only need to replace them when you update your building’s décor!


So, although you’ll need to invest a little more money at the start to ensure your fake plants are made from higher quality materials, they’re still very cost effective as you won’t need to replace them for at least a few years after you buy them (especially if you care for them properly).


However, if you want artificial plants and flowers for your business premises, but you still want to be able to change your planting displays on a regular basis, a great option to consider is our new desktop artificial flowers range. These are delivered directly to your premises and updated each season, so you can have seasonally changing plants from less than £5.00 a week!


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Learn how to properly maintain your artificial plants


pink and red leaves in a tall silver vase in a living roomThey may not need to be watered, but regularly cleaning your artificial plants will make them a better investment as they’ll be more likely to stand the test of time. Not only that, but well-maintained plants will give your workplace a more professional image, and they’ll look more realistic too!


Most indoor artificial plants will only require a light dusting once a week or every two weeks, and this can be cheaply and easily achieved by using a soft-bristled paintbrush (as this is softer than a feather duster, it won’t damage your plants). For more ‘ground in’ dirt, you should simply wipe the plant with a damp cloth, but you should avoid using chemical cleaning solutions on silk flowers as this could cause their colours to run.


For more information on the new range of desktop artificial flowers from PHS Greenleaf, contact us today. To find out more about our real and artificial plants for offices, hotels, spas, restaurants, and retail premises, explore the links below: