Beautiful and fragrant plants for pub gardens

When the sun comes out in Britain, spending an afternoon in a pub garden is at top of most of our to-do lists. This means that your pub’s garden should be well maintained and inviting to potential visitors, and one of the best ways to create an appealing environment is through the use of beautiful, fragrant flower displays.

Just catching a whiff of certain plants (such as lavender and lemon balm) can instantly lift or calm your mood, and certain scents will even trigger memories, and take you back to a different place entirely.

Ready to get planting? Here’s our round-up of the best fragrant plants for pub gardens…

Best for baskets and pots

Petunias are a great option for pub gardens, and are in fact one of the most popular plants for flower beds, baskets, and pots. This is because they are available in single and double blooms, with ruffled or smooth petals, and they bloom in a wide variety of colours. This will provide you with endless design options.

Fuchsia for pub gardens


However, despite not all varieties of petunias being distinctly scented, the Burgundy Dreams, Surfinia Blue Vein, White Eclipse, and Priscilla varieties are just some of the types known for their fragrances.

Fuchsia is another good addition to hanging baskets and pots as their leaves have a beautiful teardrop shape, which will easily add interest. Its petals and sepals also range from bright, eye-catching shades of purple, dark-red, orange, and white.

As well as being very decorative, fuchsias also have a sweet floral scent that is very distinctive, but not overwhelming. In fact, there’s a clear reason that fuchsia is used in so many perfumes!

Best for walls

Climbing plants that grow up walls, arches, and fences are excellent choices for pub gardens as they’ll take up a very small amount of space, and can be used to put a unique spin on your planting displays. Many climbing plants, such as honeysuckle and jasmine, don’t just add colour; they add fragrance too, and being high up helps their scent to hang in the air.

Jasmine for pub gardens


With its creamy, trumpet shaped flowers and potential to grow up to a height of 6m, honeysuckle is a very popular plant as it’s easy to grow in either sun or partial shade. It’s also know for giving off a very sweet, yet powerful scent.

Jasmine also grows in sun or partial shade, though it’s important to note that summer jasmine requires a shaded area and full sun to thrive. Winter jasmine, however, prefers partial shade.

This woody climber also has delicate white flowers, and it’s a great choice for fragrancing pub gardens as its sweet scent is used as a natural remedy for stress and anxiety.

Best for borders and troughs

Known for its distinctive purple-blue flowers, green foliage, and herbal, homely smell, lavender is a great option for adding colour and interest to borders and troughs, as well as providing a welcoming feel to pub gardens; it’s no secret that the scent of lavender is a popular mood booster that’s used to reduce stress and feelings of unease!

Geraniums for pub gardens


Lavender also comes in shades of white, and its more traditional purple hue ranges from delicate lilacs, to more vibrant purple-blues.

Geraniums are one of the most popular plants for flower beds, and this is due to them being relatively simple to take care of, requiring weekly watering and lots of light, though they are also able to tolerate moderate light conditions to be grown indoors. There’s also a wide variety of geraniums available, in shades to suit every planting scheme!

These colourful, open flowers can bring a variety of scents to your pub garden, from fresh and uplifting citrus, to more traditional, floral rose.