Benefits of using a commercial Christmas tree rental service for your business

Early Planning, Timing and Execution

We all love the festive season, and the happiness, warmth, and feelings of nostalgia that are all around us as we finally open the advent calendars, hang up our stockings, and start wrapping and buying gifts for our loved ones. But just like the Christmas dinner, the planning, timing, and execution needs to be perfect when it comes to getting your business ready for Christmas.

Just think about it; no one wants cold carrots, burnt turkey, or Aunty Viv opening the eggnog too early during dinner, and it’s the same when it comes to decorating offices and retail spaces! You don’t want to be left with a lighting display that doesn’t work, or a tree that’s too big or too small for your space.

Between planning your Christmas offers and promotions, and sorting your commercial Christmas tree, lighting displays and other festive decorations, you want to ensure you get everything right, and the key to this is by starting early.

As you should be aiming to have your workplace decorated by November, this means that you’ll need to get your tree and decorations ordered a few weeks in advance; this will ensure that you’re properly prepared, and things are less likely to go wrong.

Have you considered commercial Christmas tree hire?

So, why should your business use a commercial Christmas tree hire service? It helps to ensure a hassle-free festive season! Put simply, you’ll have the reassurance that every part of the process is taken care of, and this takes a lot of worry out of getting your company ready for the festive period.

For example, phs Greenleaf’s service has nationwide coverage, so our professional team can take the hassle out of Christmas decorating no matter where your business is located in the UK. We also ensure your tree is fully prepared and PAT tested at one of our UK wide depots, and it will be decorated either before or after being delivered to your site (depending on the type and size of the tree you choose).

A professional Christmas tree rental service will also include the entire installation process. As part of our service, this involves ensuring the work is supported by Risk Assessments and Method Statements, and that any installations are carried out at the time that causes the least disruption to your business. This leaves you with more time to prepare your seasonal promotions and stock, and ensures you don’t miss out on sales!

When using a commercial Christmas tree rental service from a professional services provider, such as phs Greenleaf, your tree and accessories will also be collected from your site at the end of the festive period. So, if you choose an artificial Christmas tree, you don’t need to worry about having to find the space to store it.

Nonetheless, if you’d prefer to have a real Christmas tree on your premises, there’s no need to worry about removing it from your site after the Christmas period has ended. With phs Greenleaf, and many other providers of commercial Christmas tree rental services, you can rest assured that your trees will be chipped and properly recycled after being collected from your site.

Another advantage of using a Christmas tree rental service is that there’s plenty of design options, and you can choose to have a bespoke festive display if needed. As these can be specially designed to suit the shape and size of your location, this is often the best option for hotels, shopping centres and large office buildings. However, as a bespoke design will enable you to match your Christmas tree’s colours to your company’s branding or existing décor, it’s a good option for any business that really wants to make an impact!

Make your Christmas personal and unique

As part of phs Greenleaf’s bespoke Christmas displays service, we’ll use or expertise to offer guidance on the design, and we’ll fully design and install your festive display to suit the needs and specifications of your premises.

At the end of the Christmas period, we’ll also collect your tree, lights, and accessories, as well as store them for you. This takes the worry out of your business’s festive decorating for years to come!

A bespoke display not for you? phs Greenleaf also has a wide range of pre-decorated real and artificial commercial Christmas trees, pick from either our Christmas collection trees or our stunning luxury Christmas tree range. Available in 4 sizes and 10 designs, we’ll help you pick the best option for your workplace, and take the tree away for you at the end of the Christmas period.

Don’t get caught unprepared; consider using a Christmas tree hire service to ensure this festive season is memorable for all the right reasons. It will also leave you to tackle making your own Christmas dinner a success!

How we can help

Our tree hire service is available UK wide with a variety of styles and options available. We are dedicated to providing impressive and inviting indoor Christmas displays, adding a festive feel to your workplace has never been easier.

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