Case study: Indoor trees and interior planting at Coutts, the Queen’s bank

Coutts, the private bank and wealth manager was established in 1692, making it the seventh oldest bank in the world. Originally founded as a goldsmith-banker’s shop by John Campbell of Scotland, the private bank has over three centuries of rich history and expertise, and it now offers private banking, wealth management and commercial banking services across the UK.

The bank’s London office can be found at 440 The Stand, and it remains the bank’s headquarters since it was first established as such in 1739.

In May 2017, Coutts enlisted the help of PHS Greenleaf to update their interior planting displays. Their existing trees had lost their lustre and needed replacing. Coutts also wanted to replace their current flower beds with a fresh planting scheme. As a result, all of the base planting was changed throughout the building.

The tree installation took up to 8 hours to complete, and it was carried out by 12 members of the Greenleaf team. This involved removing Coutts’ existing trees, and replacing them with two 5.5m Ficus Fibrosas, while Aglaonema Silver Queens were planted into the beds of the trees, and each of the balcony beds. To add further interest, around 80 Sanseverias were also planted on the top floor of the building.

In fact, approximately 200 plants were planted in total!

When installing the new interior planting displays at Coutts, The Stand, one of the main challenges the PHS Greenleaf team faced was transporting the large Ficus Fibrosas into the main atrium area without causing damage to them. To safely bring them into the building, the PHS Greenleaf team had to use a truck and manpower to move them from the truck and into the basement.

The two trees were then placed upright in the internal maintenance lift, and then moved manually to the tree bed.

To see some of the installation in action, check out the time-lapse below…