Choosing the best Christmas tree for your business

Can you smell the mince pies cooking and hear those sleigh bells ringing? Okay, so maybe it is a bit early, but the preparation for Christmas is definitely underway, meaning it’s time to start thinking about adding some festive cheer to your workplace by getting the perfect tree and decorations. In fact, any business’s facilities manager knows that choosing the right tree design for your premises is one of the most important decisions of the season. Not only do you want your festive display to impress your customers by providing that visual wow factor, but a well-decorated workplace can also help to boost your staff’s morale at a time when everyone wants to be out of the office, celebrating the holiday with their loved ones.


When choosing the design for your Christmas trees, you’ll also want to ensure that they fit the existing décor of the premises, and in some cases, your company’s banding too.


Whether you want a small traditional tree or something quirkier, phs Greenleaf have put together this handy guide to make it easier to make the right decision.


Should I choose a real or artificial Christmas tree?


Real and artificial Christmas trees for businesses both have their pros and cons, and the type that you choose will depend on a variety of factors. These range from the amount of maintenance you want to undertake during the festive period, to the look and feel you wish your premises to have.


Real Christmas trees


Real trees are very well loved because they have a very authentically festive feel. This is thanks to their less uniform shape than artificial trees, and their distinctive and unique pine fragrance. Unsurprisingly, this scent is something that’s been proven to be an instant mood booster, making them a great choice for the likes of office buildings, shopping centres, pubs and restaurants.


Although real trees create a stunning display that feels authentic, one of the obvious disadvantages is that they require more maintenance than an artificial tree. Like most living plants, a real tree will need to be watered regularly to keep it looking fresh, and you should check its water levels at least once or twice every day. This task is also important to reduce the amount of needles the tree drops.


Of course, one thing you need to be prepared for when choosing a real Christmas tree is that you can’t prevent it from dropping needles entirely. If left to build up, this doesn’t just make your premises look messy; it can also present a slip risk. We’d recommend real Christmas trees for larger areas as the tree (and its dropped needles) won’t come into contact with the feet of your visitors. At phs Greenleaf, we also use Nordmann Firs indoors and Norwegian Spruce for exteriors as they tend to drop less needles.


Another thing to take into consideration when choosing a real or artificial tree is how they’re disposed of. A real Christmas tree will need to be disposed of by burning it, or getting it chipped to be recycled. At phs Greenleaf, the collection and disposal of your real tree is included as part of our rental service.


Although they need to be disposed at the end of each festive period (unlike an artificial Christmas tree, which can be reused), a real tree releases less greenhouse gas emissions into the air, making it a better option for businesses that want to lower their carbon footprint.


Artificial Christmas trees


They might not have the same unique pine fragrance as a real Christmas tree, but there are still plenty of benefits of having an artificial tree. In fact, they’re a popular option for a variety of premises because they can be produced in a wide range of sizes and colours. This makes them fitting for businesses with a limited amount of space, or a more modern style of décor and branding.


If you want a festive display that catches the eye, the more symmetrical shape of an artificial Christmas tree is perfect, because this enables the tree to hold more baubles and other decorations. Additionally, artificial trees are most typically chosen for hospitals, doctors’ surgeries and educational facilities due to the fact that some young and vulnerable people have allergies which may be aggravated further by them spending a lot of time near a real Christmas tree.


However, one of the main reasons that people choose artificial trees is because they don’t require the same care and attention that a real one does. Besides from needing to be dusted regularly (particularly if your premises are busy during this time of year), they can simply be set up and decorated with very little on-going maintenance. Unlike a real tree, it won’t need to be watered and they don’t cause a slip risk by dropping needles.


Unfortunately for more eco conscious businesses, artificial Christmas trees can’t be recycled as they’re constructed from various materials. Because real trees can be chipped and recycled, they have a lower carbon footprint than artificial trees, though you can reduce your environmental impact by reusing an artificial tree for years to come. As part of our rental service, we’ll collect your artificial tree from your premises at the end of the festive period, so you don’t have to worry about storing a Christmas tree.


To ensure our service is as environmentally friendly as possible, we’ll assess each tree’s condition after collection, and reuse as many as possible the following year. If any of the lights, decorations and other Christmas accessories need to be replaced, these will also be recycled wherever possible.


phs Greenleaf’s Christmas ranges explained

greenleaf Christmas tree hire guide graphic


Christmas Collection Trees


A tree from our classic Christmas Collection is the perfect option for a variety of business premises, no matter the look and feel you’re hoping to achieve with your display. Whether you want to incorporate a more traditional colour scheme that features glorious golds and ruby reds, or match your company’s branding and the existing look and feel of your premises with warm oranges or icy blues, one of the 7 designs from our range is sure to fit the bill!


7ft christmas tree in a posh resturant decorated with a rustic feel of red orange and bronze ornaments


For added versatility, we can supply both real and artificial trees, and these are available in a range of sizes to suit your needs; these are 2m, 3m, 3.6m and 4.5m. To really add a visual wow factor, each of our tree designs comes complete with Christmas tree lights and a choice of parcels or tree skirt to be placed around the base. To further embrace the festive spirit throughout your building, we can also provide matching wreaths, garlands, table top trees and desk top Christmas displays.


Our traditional designs in this range are:


  • Merry Berry: this design features red, gold and green baubles, and embraces natural elements such as pine cones, pears, berries and poinsettia (the traditional Christmas flower).
  • Traditional Gold: this design features a variety of baubles in different sizes and shades of gold, as well as gold bows, stars and pine cone decorations.
  • Traditional Red & Gold: this design features gold and red baubles in matte and shiny finishes, delicate gold stars, large red bows and pinecone decorations.


Our modern designs in this range are:


  • Royal Cracker: this design features bright and eye-catching blue baubles, classic gold baubles, star decorations and ferns, as well as rich brown pine cones for a natural feel.
  • Starry Night: this design features blue and silver baubles and glittering disco balls, and it takes inspiration from the beautiful night sky with silver moons and stars.
  • Winter Frosty: this design features a frosted tree with all silver and white decorations to really make an impact! It’s adorned with various sized silver baubles, glittering disco balls, snowflakes and spiral decorations.
  • Winter Spice: this tree features a range of baubles in warm shades of brown and copper, wooden birds and reindeer decorations, cinnamon sticks and pine cones.


Luxury Collection Trees


For hotels, restaurants, offices and any premises where the aim is to leave a lasting impression, a design from our Luxury Collection could be the perfect option for you. Featuring only the highest quality decorations, each of the trees in our Luxury Collection demand attention and make a stunning impact. With three decadent designs to choose from, you’re sure to find a colour scheme to suit your building’s existing décor.


blue silver and purple christmas tree in a hotel room


For added versatility, we can supply both real and artificial trees, and these are available in three sizes 2m, 3m and 3.6m to suit the shape and size of your chosen location. To really add a visual wow factor, each of our tree designs comes complete with Christmas tree lights, as well as your choice of either parcels, Christmas tree skirt or wicker tree skirt (2m trees only) to be placed around the base. To further embrace the festive spirit throughout your building, we can also provide matching garlands, table top trees and desk top Christmas displays.


Our traditional designs in this range is:

  • Candy Cane Forest: this design features a frosted tree adorned with plenty of green and red striped baubles in various shapes, glittery snowflakes, and of course sweet candy canes.


Our modern designs in this range are:


  • Champagne Fizz: this design features a frosted tree with stunning gold leaves, as well as plenty of dusky pink and pale gold baubles in various shapes and sizes.
  • Decadent Delight: this design features a classic green tree that’s covered in pretty purple and blue baubles. Large iridescent themed baubles are also scattered throughout to really catch the eye!


Alternative Christmas Displays


Want a festive display that reflects the fact that your business has a more contemporary style of décor or branding? Maybe you want your tree to stand out from the crowd as much as your business does? The two designs in our Alternative Christmas Displays range take inspiration from the shape of a traditional Christmas tree and hold plenty of beautiful decorations, but they’re constructed from metal hoops for a more modern look and feel.


alternative christmas decoration with white and silver decorations


Our modern designs in this range are:


  • Hoop Tree: this design is the perfect size for reception and office desks, and it’s available in 4 colour combinations; red and gold, white and silver, red and copper, or blue and silver.
  • Spiral Tree: this design is available in two sizes (0.85m and 1.45m), and it features a variety of felt and wooden Christmas themed ornaments in red and pale gold.


Bespoke Christmas Trees


For larger hotels, shopping centres and office buildings, a bespoke commercial Christmas display from phs Greenleaf is the best choice for getting your premises ready for the holidays. Working closely with you, our expert team can design displays that accommodate for all shapes and sizes of buildings, such as fully decorated 45ft trees. We can also ensure the display perfectly fits your company’s branding or the existing look and feel of your premises.


bespoke artificial christmas tree display with 5 christmas trees in various sizes red and gold baubles attached


To add a personal touch and take the worry out of creating your display, our expert staff will take care of every step of the process, from design and installation, to the removal of your display at the end of the festive period.


At phs Greenleaf, our Christmas tree hire services are offered nationwide, and they include delivery, installation and collection. To find out more about our full range of Christmas services for businesses, contact phs Greenleaf today.