Christmas decorating trends for businesses: how to get creative during the festive period!

With the festive season being all about excess (especially in terms of food and decorations), Christmas gives businesses the perfect opportunity to get creative with their holiday decorating, and this is true whether you’re a hotel, restaurant, pub, or even a more corporate office.

However, putting up Christmas decorations in the workplace isn’t just a good idea for bringing festive joy into the office and increasing staff morale; it also helps potential visitors to make that all-important decision of whether to walk in or walk past your building! With that in mind, this gives you the perfect excuse to go all out with your Christmas décor, and dip your toes into some of the latest festive trends.

Here are our top tips for getting creative when doing the Christmas decorating for businesses…

Choose a modern colour scheme for decorations

When most people think of Christmas, the colours red, green and gold are some of the first things that come to mind, and many businesses will choose a combination of these colours when decorating their premises for the festive season. However, although they’re classic festive colours, this more traditional colour scheme doesn’t suit every business’s style; just think of the existing design of your premises, as well as your branding colours.

Although you can choose to decorate your workplace yourself, a professional services provider will be able to provide and install a Christmas tree to suit your needs. For example, at PHS Greenleaf, our real and artificial trees (and all matching accessories) are pre-decorated and available in 14 designs, from Traditional Red, and Traditional Red and Gold, to more modern colour schemes that include icy blues and silvers, and bright pinks and purples. With so much choice, you’re bound to find something to suit your needs!

If you want a very specific design (for example, a Christmas tree that matches your branding), you can also choose to opt for a bespoke display. In fact, these are a particularly good choice if you require a larger tree for your workplace.

Christmas decorating trends for businesses: upside down Christmas treesDon’t settle for a standard Christmas tree

Real Christmas trees are great if you want a traditional feel because they have that authentic, uplifting pine fragrance. However, because they drop needles and will need to be watered to keep them looking their best, there’s limitations on where they can be displayed. Artificial Christmas trees, however, will give you a better opportunity to be creative!

Hanging plants upside down has grown in popularity over the last few years, but it’s only recently that the trend has expanded to Christmas trees, though this practice dates back to the Middle Ages, where Europeans hung their fir trees upside down to represent the Trinity. Now, however, it’s a great way of adding the visual wow factor to your workplace’s Christmas decorating, and can be useful for making the most of limited floorspace.

Don’t have the space for an upside-down Christmas tree, or just want to be more traditional with your Christmas décor? Another way to get creative is by utilising your natural surroundings; hang Christmas lights and decorations on the trees outside your building, for example.

Decorate with less traditional festive accessories

Wreathes, tinsel, and garlands are the standard when decorating a workplace for Christmas, and these are essential for adding festive cheer to an office, hotel, restaurant, or retail space! However, you can easily get creative with your placement; hang garlands from staircases, and wrap tinsel around pillars, posts, and anywhere else you can think of.

If space is an issue, though, you could also hang tree ornaments from the wall, or off any other hooks you can find in your premises.

Another way to get creative with your Christmas decorating is by using desk florals and bauble bowls. These can be displayed on counters, shelves, windowsills, or any other flat surface you can find, which also makes them a good choice for companies with a limited amount of floor space. Bauble bowls, in particular, are great for adding a different spin on Christmas decorating for businesses as they contain traditional tree decorations and LED lights; just think of them as a Christmas tree in a bowl!

Christmas decorating trends for businesses: pinecone wreaths

Go eco-friendly with your tree and decorations

For businesses of all sizes, lowering their carbon footprint is bound to be a growing concern. However, one of the ways you can begin to reduce your environmental impact is by being eco-friendly with your festive decorations.

When it comes to choosing your Christmas tree, there are a few options to consider. Firstly, a real tree tends to be the obvious choice for environmentally conscious businesses, as they emit less greenhouse gas emissions than artificial ones. Additionally, if you use a professional services provider (such as PHS Greenleaf), you can rest assured that it will be chipped and recycled after the festive season. However, the more times you use a fake Christmas tree, the lower the carbon footprint, so take this into account when choosing between a real or fake tree.

Another way to incorporate an eco-friendly theme when decorating your business for Christmas is by utilising as many natural materials as possible; ditch the manmade tinsel and think pinecone wreaths, and tree ornaments constructed from pinecones, twigs, and other foraged items!