Christmas in numbers: how many Christmas trees do we use in the UK each year?

The festive period is fast approaching, and if you’re anything like the team here at PHS Greenleaf, then you’ll already be excitedly preparing your premises for December! In fact, our expert team have spent the past few months eagerly ensuring that everything is perfect for our customers’ Christmas displays.

This involves sourcing the best real Christmas trees to ensure minimal needle drop (we use Norwegian Spruce for interior displays, and Nordmann Firs for exteriors), decorating them with the highest quality decorations, and PAT testing all lighting for a safe, yet stunning display.

So, why do the PHS Greenleaf team start preparing for the festive season so early, you may ask? Well, with consumers starting their Christmas shopping earlier and earlier each year, you should get ahead of the competition early by ordering your business’s Christmas tree and decorations in September, as well as rolling out the first of your festive promotions in October.

Not only that, but decorating your office early is also an easy way to boost staff morale! After all, who doesn’t love seeing tinsel and fairly lights as they count down until 25th December?

Want to get the rest of your business in the festive spirit early? Impress your workmates with our best Christmas in numbers facts…


The Christmas trees

Christmas in numbers - Christmas trees

  • In Europe, nearly 16 million Christmas trees are grown each year
  • Christmas trees grow for an average of 10 to 15 years before being harvested and sold
  • The first decorated Christmas tree was in Riga, Latvia in 1510
  • Electric Christmas tree lights were invented by Edward Johnson in 1882
  • The world’s tallest Christmas tree was 221ft, and found in a Washington shopping mall
  • PHS Greenleaf trees are available in sizes from 3ft to 45ft
  • Our pre-decorated Christmas tree range currently consists of 14 designs
  • 8 million real Christmas trees are consumed in the UK each year


The Christmas dinner and treats

Christmas in numbers - Christmas dinner

  • The average family spends £170 on their Christmas dinner
  • 370 million mince pies are sold in the UK over the festive period each year
  • Around 10 million turkeys are cooked in the UK each Christmas
  • In terms of weight, 120,000 tonnes of potatoes are typically eaten over Christmas
  • We also consume 5 million jars of cranberry sauce in the UK
  • …and believe it or not, 9875 tonnes of sprouts are eaten in December each year
  • 57 Olympic swimming pools could be filled with the amount of beer consumed over Christmas
  • The largest Christmas cracker was 207ft long and 4m in diameter


The Christmas presents

Christmas in numbers - Christmas presents

  • 40% of shoppers start their Christmas shopping before Halloween
  • …a further 48% of shoppers say they’ve finished their Christmas shopping before Black Friday
  • In the UK, 83 square feet of wrapping paper is sold over the festive period
  • The average British child receives 16 Christmas presents each year
  • Typically, £700 million is spent on unwanted Christmas gifts
  • A total of 364 gifts are featured in the song ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’
  • Christmas cards were first commissioned by London civil servant, Henry Cole, in 1843
  • Last year, online sales rose by 9% during the Christmas period


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