Creating clean air

How can plants help?

Air pollution harms the health of millions of people but there are lots of simple things you can do to improve air quality including incorporating plants in to your workplace. Make the air cleaner and healthier for everyone and what better way to do this than using plants. There are many benefits associated with having plants in your workplace they don’t just brighten up your building they also create a welcoming appearance and help to promote a more professional image.

Plants help to do the following;

  • absorb all the bad things in the air
  • reduce headaches and feelings of nausea
  • increase concentration levels amongst staff
  • boost productivity levels


Why are plants effective at purifying the air?
Interior plants not only work as the supplier of fresh oxygen to a closed environment, they also reduce the amount of carbon dioxide from the air via photosynthesis.
How do they help your employees breathe clean air?
All plants remove impurities, or Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), from the air to a lesser or greater effect by absorbing them through their leaves or via the soil they are
grown in.
What are the positive effects of having indoor plants?
A study revealed that in controlled tests, contact with plants generated a consistent positive pattern of effects including psychological stress reduction, positive moods, improved creativity and increased ability to re-focus attention.

Service that’s second to none

With over 25 years horticultural experience, phs Greenleaf have the knowledge and expertise to guide and advise you on the best indoor and outdoor planting displays to suit the climate and environmental conditions of your premises. We can help you design and choose the plants that will best suit your environment. Our trained technicians will install your display at a time that suits you and will complete regular maintenance visits to ensure it always looks its best.