Fuller, Smith and Turner PLC Brewery

Fuller, Smith and Turner PLC is part of the landscape in Chiswick, West London.

Located at the historic Griffin Brewery, adjacent to the infamous Hogarth roundabout, there’s been beer made on the same spot since the 1600s. The independent family brewer itself officially dates back to 1845 with its portfolio of award-winning beers and ciders, including London Pride, Frontier and ESB, amongst others.

Aside from its thriving brewery business, Fuller’s also runs 206 managed pubs, and 180 tenanted pubs and hotels throughout London and the South of England. A selection of brewery tours and beer tasting events are held at the site throughout the year.

The Challenge

Given its history, Fuller’s describes itself internally as having a ‘fresh take on great tradition’ so Christmas at the brewery must entail the right mix of seasonal trimmings, including the perfect Christmas tree. When the brewer decided to look for a new Christmas tree supplier to provide the impactful display that they were looking for, phs Greenleaf was able to offer its services. The team at Fuller’s had a particular seasonal image in mind. As an existing and reliable supplier of planting and hanging baskets to some of Fuller’s public houses, phs Greenleaf won the contract with an ability to supply trees to a bespoke design – exactly as Fuller’s required… along the top of the brewery wall!

The Solution

Initial ideas for the trees’ designs were presented to the Fuller’s team who requested additional lights. This was immediately actioned by phs Greenleaf who were happy to tweak the design until the required effect was achieved. Since then, each December for well over a decade, twenty 12ft lighted, real Christmas trees have been fixed to the Fuller’s brewery wall by phs Greenleaf with another 20ft tree above the entrance. That’s a total of 21,160 festive LED bulbs lighting up the exterior of the landmark brewery! A further three real 7ft trees are located in the boardroom, the shop and at reception, each lighted with 360 bulbs. These are decorated in a traditional style, as per Fuller’s requirements.

To ensure that the illuminations last through the Christmas season, the lights are tested and securely attached to the trees at the phs Greenleaf Christmas depot over the space of a week by five hand-decorators. Five technicians then spend a whole day – by arrangement with Fuller’s – installing the trees, using ladders and cherry pickers.
Roy Cowley, Southern Region Operations Manager for phs Greenleaf, commented: “As with all of our contracts, we put a lot of effort into making sure that we get it right and at Fuller’s our technicians do a particularly great job. We’re always delighted with the outcome as the trees really stand out to the millions of vehicles that pass the brewery during the Christmas period.” Not forgetting the generous spirit of Christmas, Fuller’s also kindly arranges for phs Greenleaf to supply a 7ft live tree and stand to a local school.

The Benefits 

Staff at Fuller’s don’t have to lift a finger to ensure that their premises look fantastic and are ready for Christmas. Thanks to phs Greenleaf, they can be confident that all Christmas trees are supplied and decorated to the required specification, year on year. The experience of installing over 2,500 real and artificial Christmas trees annually over the last 15 years makes phs Greenleaf an expert in its field.
The Griffin Brewery site was fully surveyed prior to installation, which was carried out by phs Greenleaf personnel who are fully trained and certified to work at height, using qualified electricians when required. All completed work is supported by Risk Assessments and Method Statements to support site safety rules. At the end of the Christmas season, phs Greenleaf once again uses ladders and cherry pickers to safely remove the trees which are responsibly disposed of, while all the lights are returned to the Christmas depot for use the following year.
The row of lighted Christmas trees neatly frames and highlights Fuller’s signage which promotes the brewery’s products – the ideal advertisement for a business heavily invested in the party season.
Everyone who uses the A4 Hogarth Roundabout in Chiswick (said to be one of the busiest routes in Europe) knows that Christmas is on its way when the Fuller’s trees are up. To staff, locals and visitors, the twinkling trees serve as a sign that festivities can begin!

The Reaction

“We are incredibly proud of our Christmas trees. We knew exactly what we wanted from our seasonal decorations and when the first trees didn’t quite twinkle enough, phs Greenleaf added extra sparkle until we were happy. Since then, everything has been spot on. We have a good relationship with phs Greenleaf and we’re confident that if we ever had any issues, they would be dealt with quickly.
We like to have our Christmas trees booked in by February. phs Greenleaf knows that we prefer them to be installed as close to the first of December as possible and removed by Twelfth Night. So far, they’ve delighted us, and the locals, every year.”