The day in the life of a florist at phs Greenleaf!

At phs Greenleaf, we’re passionate about plants and getting creative with their design. This is because we think they’re the perfect way of adding colour and interest to our customers’ premises, and they’re not pretty in appearance; they’re also proven to boost our health and happiness!

Just one of the individuals that works tirelessly to provide our customers with beautiful flower displays is our florist, Natalija John. Having been a part of phs Greenleaf for the past 11 years, she knows exactly what’s required to create an eye-catching display to suit all styles of workplace, and she’s played a key role in designing many of our real and artificial plant ranges.

close with image of a moss wall


Natalija also spends a lot of time creating our moss walls, which use either bun moss or reindeer moss to add a unique appearance and texture to


various spaces. Self-preserved, our moss walls require zero maintenance and save valuable floorspace.


Below, Natalija shares a typical working day in her life as florist at phs Greenleaf…




  • I arrive at work and begin my day by going through my emails.
  • Fantastic news; I find out that I’ve been asked to design 3 floral displays for our new Christmas range for 2018! I love creating new designs, so I’m looking forward to this challenge.




  • It’s time to start thinking of some ideas for the new Christmas range, and other future designs.
  • While I’m thinking, I continue with my work from the previous day; designing a moss wall. It’s a very therapeutic process, so I really enjoy it!
  • To design the moss wall, I’m working with natural material by pinning soft reindeer moss to a polyester board using metal pins, layer after layer. At the end of the process, it looks like a live carpet; soft and natural.




  • I’m still pinning moss to create the moss wall, but I’ve now formulated a small plan in my head. To create something new, I always try to think outside the box.
  • At phs Greenleaf, we have a range of clients with different tastes and business types. Because of this, I’m trying to come up with ideas to suit various styles, such as modern, traditional, and minimalistic.




  • I’m now back at my desk after working on the moss wall.
  • To generate new ideas during the working day, I’ll usually create a mood board; Pinterest is a great tool for giving me inspiration for this!




  • I select a few images, then sort them by style and colour.
  • I also check and make notes on what I have available in my existing stock.




  • For the new Christmas range, I’ve decided to start working on a traditional design that features natural colours and materials. I love traditional designs, so I know I can make it a winner!
  • With that decided, it’s now time to get some stock! This will involve going through my existing selection of stock, and selecting what I can use in the design.
  • I also check our Christmas stock to collect some baubles and pinecones.




  • I have decided to use a hurricane vase to house the design. As it has a classic shape, it’s perfect for creating a traditional style display.
  • I fill the vase with baubles, natural pinecones, and cinnamon sticks, then finish the design with mix gold spray, berry picks, hollies, natural colour, and rattan baubles. The details look great, and very organic; I’m really pleased with the result.




  • Revived after my lunch break, it’s time to carry on thinking about the rest of the designs.
  • I also return to the moss wall I’m working on, which encourages me to think of new ideas. This order needs to be completed for a customer within the next couple of days.




  • I’m looking through my mood board once again.
  • I have a clear image in my head of how a minimalistic display will look and realise that I’ll need to order some stock for this display.




  • I search through our suppliers’ websites and catalogues for inspiration; luckily, I‘m able to find exactly what I’m looking for!

A few emails are sent, and it’s solved! I’ll receive some samples in the next few days.




  • A new order arrived for one of our Artificial flower displays; the Traditional Spring Desk Floral. Although I have one of these displays premade, I need to pack this one up so it can be sent to the customer, and delivery is arranged for first thing in the morning.




  • I continue to work on the moss wall.




  • I’m happy that the moss wall is nearly complete. It’s now time to head home!


At phs Greenleaf, we have over 25 years’ experience of providing businesses with a range of interior and exterior planting services, including real and artificial office plants, living walls, landscaping, and grounds maintenance.


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