From the garden: Neil’s maintenance tips for June

As we wave goodbye to May and enter June, the weather continues to get warmer (particularly thanks to the UK’s recent heatwave!), the days get longer still, and the flowers are now ready to bloom in all their glory. This means there’s now plenty of areas of your garden that need your attention more than ever before!

Now that the summer’s finally here, Neil Gallagher from our grounds maintenance division once again gives us his run down on the things you’ll need to stay on top of this month…

Neil: Grounds Maintenance Manager

Neil: Grounds Maintenance Manager


Flower bedLast month, we explained the importance of mowing your lawn every 14 days, as well as ensuring it’s frequently watered to get that much-desired ‘cricket pitch’ finish. However, as we head into June and the weather continues to hot up, the rate of growth of your lawns will be quicker than ever. As a result, you should up the mowing to once a week, rather than once every two weeks.

June’s warmer weather also means that you need to pay extra attention to ensuring your lawn is well-watered. This should be done during particularly hot weather as it will prevent your lawns from drying out and losing their lush green colour.

This is especially important in light of the heatwave we experienced at the end of May, and we’re sure there’s plenty more of that hot weather to come…

Hanging baskets and planterSummer hanging baskets from PHS Greenleaf

Now that the risk of frost is firmly gone and the weather should be at the prime temperature for plants to grow and thrive, it’s time to plant annual summer bedding plants, as well as adding some colour to the landscape by bringing out the troughs and hanging baskets!

At the PHS Greenleaf Nurseries, we’ve been busy preparing our troughs, hanging baskets and bedding plants from the start of May, and they’re now almost all in place and just needing some light maintenance.

As with your lawns, it’s also important to remember that the increasingly warm weather means your plants will now need to be watered on a more frequent basis than before. For most flower beds, once or twice a week should be sufficient.

Check on the Spring planDandelionsting

If you have planted your beds for spring colour, much of this will now be dying back. You will want to either be removing dead heads or wilted stems or moving the plants themselves ready for next year. The beds can generally do with a good tidy up to ensure that the Summer planting has enough space and light to really shine!


We already know that warmer weather speeds up the rate of growth in the garden, and unfortunately, this also applies to weeds. To keep them firmly in check, regularly mowing the lawn will help, although you should also be clearing around flower bed borders and treating these areas with herbicide.

My main piece of advice is to start treating them early; otherwise they can quickly become a problem! Remember, weeds will be much harder to remove once they’re had a chance to establish themselves in your lawns and flower beds!