How to get your business ready for the colder months with commercial winter hanging baskets

There’s much debate about when autumn officially starts, with the meteorological autumn beginning on the 22nd September, and the astronomical autumn starting from the first of the month. However, with September signalling yet another changing of the seasons regardless of when autumn officially begins, you’ll soon start to see the plants change from bright summer colours, to richer autumnal hues.

Reflecting this in your business’s temporary planting only further emphasises the brisk air, crisp leaves, and the need to start wrapping up warm that are so commonly associated with this season. Plus, with rich shades of red and purple all the rage, planting during this time of year can still be spectacular.

However, you’ll want to update your beds, borders and hanging baskets before the summer-flowering blooms begin to fade.

Additionally, with the weather in September still being relatively mild, it’s also the perfect time to start preparing for next year by adding spring-flowering bulbs in your beds and borders! Some examples of what to plant include daffodils, tulips, narcissus, and bluebells, to name but a few.

It’s not just your beds and borders that require attention; you should also be planting or ordering your commercial winter hanging baskets, as this ensures they’re ready to be installed on your premises by the end of the month. By making a few simple changes in September, such as replacing the summer-flowering plants in your hanging baskets with more hardy options, you’ll be able to keep them looking beautiful until April (when they’ll need to be replaced again).

Here are our top tips for planting and maintaining winter hanging baskets for your business premises…

What to plant in winter hanging baskets

If you’re planting your business’s winter hanging baskets yourself, then you need to ensure that you’ve chosen the right type of flowers. As a general rule, annual and perennial plants are the best option as many of them are hardy enough to survive in colder temperatures (plants that are described as ‘hardy’ are suitable for temperatures of 15 degrees and below).

When it comes to choosing suitable plants for winter commercial hanging baskets, pansies are one of the most popular options. Not only are they available in a range of colours, making them very versatile, but they thrive in both sunny and partially shaded environments. They’ll also bloom for far longer than many other winter-flowering bedding plants.

Another popular choice for winter hanging baskets, flower beds, and borders are violas, and these are often mistaken for pansies because they’re similar in appearance (despite being smaller and producing more blooms). However, violas are also very versatile, though they’re more winter hardy than pansies.

At PHS Greenleaf, our winter commercial hanging baskets instead contain panolas, which are a hybrid cross between pansies and violas. Available in a range of colours, from blue to red, they produce larger blooms than standard violas, while sharing their tolerance to cold temperatures.

To add further interest to the commercial hanging baskets on your premises, other flowers and shrubs

you can plant include primrose, wallflowers, forget-me-nots, Sweet Williams, Gaultheria, Polyanthus, and Box (Buxus).

Our winter hanging baskets also feature Aucuba Japonica, Cordyline Australis, or Conifer Goldcrest to add height, as well as trailing Green Ivy. This softens the edges of the container, and makes for a truly eye-catching display with plenty of green!

How to maintain and care for winter hanging baskets

To care for your business’s commercial hanging baskets in the winter, you should be deadheading the plants regularly to encourage them to continue flowering. Deadheading should be done when flowers are fading as this will keep your displays looking colourful for as long as possible.

As winter brings increased rainfall, you should also be wary of overwatering your hanging baskets; this will cause root death, which will be detrimental to your plants. Watering your hanging baskets once a week should be sufficient in the colder months.

However, with PHS Greenleaf’s nationwide service, we take the hassle out of caring for your business’s hanging baskets by installing them with an automatic watering system, as well as carrying out regular maintenance services. This includes replacing your commercial hanging baskets in the spring to ensure a stunning display on your premises all year round!

For more information on commercial hanging baskets and other exterior planting services from PHS Greenleaf, contact us today.