Highlights from the new artificial flowers range from PHS Greenleaf!

Expanding on 25 years of experience of providing interior and exterior planting displays for businesses throughout the UK, PHS Greenleaf is very excited to announce the release of our new desktop artificial flowers range!

The perfect addition to offices, restaurants, and hotel reception areas, as well as being a great size for coffee tables located anywhere in your building, our new desktop artificial flowers have been designed to suit all preferences, and styles of workplace. As part of our new range of interior artificial flowers, our collections include Botanical, Contemporary, Natural, Urban, Oriental, and Concept.

Desktop artificial plants from PHS GreenleafAt the forefront of designing our new desktop artificial flowers range has been Natalija John, our florist who has been a part of the PHS Greenleaf family for the past 11 years. Natalija has worked extremely hard on the range to ensure our customers love it as much as we do.

She says: “I’ve always loved to be creative, and I just love flowers. So, I also absolutely love the work I do at PHS Greenleaf! My job gives me the opportunity to create something attractive and stylish for our customers’ environments, and I love the reaction we get if I’ve ticked the box.”

Below, Natalija shares her inspiration behind designing the new desktop artificial flowers range, as well as her favourites from the 6 collections…

Hi, Natalija! Where did you find inspiration for the new ranges?

“When designing floral arrangements and displays, I always like to look around to pick up ideas. When I was given this fantastic opportunity to create something new, I spent a lot of time researching what’s trendy, as well as what will suit all tastes.”

How did you go about designing the new collections for the range? Tell us more about the process.

“By having 6 different collections within the range, I was able to create various ideas to cover any style and taste. This was important for the range because our customers have different types of businesses, and we’re all different, and we like different things.Desktop artificial plants from PHS Greenleaf

From natural-traditional to concept-minimalistic designs, to our unusual yet modern Urban range, I’m pretty sure that with our ranges, we can fulfill our customers wishes! We also provide beautiful Orchids in any colour.”

Which collections within the new artificial flowers range are your favourite and why? Tell us your top 3!

“I’m a traditional person, so the Natural range is my favourite. However, I do like to try something new and different, which is what the Urban range is perfect for.

And of course, who doesn’t like Orchids? The new Oriental range is a great expression of their beauty.”

The new desktop artificial flowers range will be available from this month. For more information, get in touch with the PHS Greenleaf team.