How to brighten up your workplace this festive season

We are fast approaching the most wonderful time of the year and for businesses, this means getting your premises prepared for Christmas at the right time! For retailers, this is right now, with statistics showing that 40% of people start their festive shopping before Halloween. However, for offices, December is a better time to put the decorations up. After all, you don’t want to overwhelm your employees with too much too early!

But no matter when you start getting your premises ready, to make the most of the festive season, attract more customers and promote productivity in your employees, it is important to bring Christmas into the workplace with the right festive decorations.

Check out our short guide on how you can brighten up your workplace in time for Christmas…


Why it’s important that your premises are decorated to perfection this Christmas

  • Staff moral – A huge benefit of brightening up the workplace is boosting staff mood. Not only does this create a nicer working environment, but it also drives productivity.
  • If you are in a workplace that is open to the public, such as hotel, shopping centre or restaurant, decoration will also improve the customer experience by creating a festive atmosphere that is sure to encourage customer retention. However, do think of your busy retail workers and be wary of playing the same festive music on repeat!
  • Attract people to your work place – This leads on nicely from the last point! Having a bright and decorative working atmosphere is uplifting, and this transcends to all types of visitors. Whether these are customers or clients, decorations will improve moods, increases spending and make them feel more festive. From restaurants to retail shops, having a welcoming festive environment is sure to drive people to your workplace.
  • It looks professional – Having a well decorated workspace looks impressive and is sure to catch the eye of potential customers and visitors. It shows that you care and that you are willing to make an effort for your visitors and staff. Nonetheless, it is important that the decorative theme matches the existing décor of your premises. When done well, this is something that will work in your favour.
  • IT’S CHRISTMAS! – If there is a time of year to introduce a bit of fun and colour to your working environment, it’s Christmas. People also expect it, so pull out all the stops to stand out from the crowd.


How to decorate your workplace this Christmas

Let’s start with a staple symbol of Christmas; the classic Christmas tree. If you have the space, then a full-size tree is a must have! One can be placed in a staff room, or many can be situated throughout the premises. Additionally, the great thing about Christmas trees is that they can be decorated however you wish. Classic designs are always loved, but personalised baubles filled with images of staff or Christmas wishes are a lovely, welcoming alternative.

Another great idea for any workplace is to have a Christmas breakout area. As the special day draws near, hopefully more time will be spent in this area. Filling this area with festive goodies will really help bring Christmas into work. Boardgames or ping pong will generate competitive fun and a leader board always boosts team bonding.

It is also important to get creative when decorating your workplace for Christmas. To ensure this, homemade decorations are a fantastic idea for offices, though this may not be suitable for retail premises. As a fun activity to raise morale in the office or build up excitement for employees’ children, ask them to get their kids involved by making DIY decorations for their mum and dad’s workplace. Great examples include Christmas photo frames from home and stockings for each employee!

In terms of festive decorations, we have a few ideas and can provide several services. Wreaths are a classic and will look good on doors, on desks or even hanging on a wall. Table top trees are also a quirky Christmas addition. These can be in an office or as table toppers in a coffee shop or restaurant. Alongside these options, Christmas flowers do a super job of brightening up their surroundings and are always appreciated as gifts.

A great tip for making your business stand out is to make the most of your premises. Christmas decorations don’t just have to be inside; they can also be exterior. Christmas lights certainly brighten up a workplace, and nothing is quite a welcoming as a sparkling lighting display. Obviously, not all working environments can facilitate Christmas lights, so a subtler option is a Christmas themed hanging basket.

The countdown to Christmas is certainly underway, so make sure your workplace is well prepared. For information and inspiration please visit our Christmas services page.