How to get creative with office plants: quirky artificial plant ideas for the modern workplace

Office plants aren’t just a great way of brightening up the workplace, and making it look more inviting to your potential visitors; their presence has also been proven to inspire creativity and productivity in workers, as well as make for a generally happier workforce.

However, a few plants hidden in the corners of the room won’t do much to inspire innovative thinking and get those creative juices flowing; when it comes to choosing plants for the office, you should take the opportunity to add a quirky spin to the décor and do something a little different.

The best way to get creative is with artificial plants, as they need very little maintenance to keep them looking bright and fresh, and they obviously don’t need to be placed in direct sunlight. As a result, they can be put anywhere in the office, no matter how unconventional!

Here’s how to get creative with office plants…

Let plants ‘grow’ out of furniture

As an example, one of the most popular modern design trends is to incorporate indoor plants as a part of the furniture. One way you can do this is by installing artificial plants in the centre of rounded tables, or even by using tall troughs as desk dividers. In fact, if you have an open plan office, troughs can even be incorporated as ‘walls’ to separate meeting and breakout areas.

Living walls from PHS Greenleaf

Incorporate a living wall

Another popular choice is to opt for a living wall. As the structure is attached to the wall of the building, it’s a great way of bringing nature into the office and making a bold statement when you have a limited amount of floorspace!

Get creative with draping vines

Fake vines are also an option to consider if you want to add a quirky feel to your office, while using as little floorspace as possible. This is because they can be draped over the likes of shelving units, window sills, and cupboards, as well as wrapped around pillars, and hung from ceilings and walls.

Hang plants from the ceiling

Draping vines in office

Pasona Urban Farm. Source: Dezeen

Hanging baskets don’t just have to be confined to the outdoors! For a unique take on indoor planting, hang plants from the ceiling in traditional plants and baskets, or even go for a more modern feel with glass bowls. If you want to go one step further, artificial plants can also be hung from the ceiling upside down as there’s no risk of them falling out and ending up a little worse for wear!

If there’s limitations on what you can and can’t do with your office space, then an easy way of adding a creative feel to your office plants is by storing them in quirky alternatives to standard vases and pots. There are plenty of options on the market, from giant plant pots, to colourful troughs and glass bowls.

Don’t forget the Feng Shui! 

Office plants hanging from ceiling

According to Feng Shui, the plants in your office should have round leaves instead of spikes and thorns. This is because shapes are more curved in nature, and plants (even artificial ones) with rounded leaves will break up the harsh angles of the room, and help its occupants to feel more connected with nature. You should also be wary of cacti as they radiate negative energy and cause arguments.




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