Is it time to go green?

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Did you know that employees who have to tend to potted plants are 12% more productive and 10% more attentive than those who don’t?
What’s more, with genuine health benefits to having live greenery within an office space, including boosting mental alertness and decreasing fatigue, the humble office plant can do much more than you’d expect…

Going green…for your staff

You know the importance of keeping your team happy. After all, a happy office is a productive one. But you don’t need to re-invent the wheel looking for ways to ‘entertain’ your staff; simple tweaks such as reviving an empty space with a little greenery can reignite your employees’ creative flair, reduce stress levels and boost productivity.
What’s more, don’t underestimate the impact that a pleasant office environment can have on your team; if your staff believe that senior management care about their working environment, they too will take more pride in their workspace. This, in turn, increases staff happiness and improves organisation (thanks to fewer messy desks). Opt for live plants around the office and encourage staff to get involved in keeping them watered and cared for. Why not put together a ‘Green Team’ – a group of green-fingered staff that are happy to take on the responsibility of keeping your office plants healthy? Whilst, on one hand, this gives your staff the opportunity to do more in their role, it also frees up your own time.
If live plants aren’t a feasible option in your office, you’d be surprised at how realistic quality artificial plants can be – and they still have a wealth of benefits. Whilst your team may not have to tend to them, artificial greenery still offers all the advantages of well-maintained plants – without the fuss! So, your office can still look stylish, your staff can still inject a burst of colour into their workspace and productivity can still be increased without ever needing to lift a finger. Whilst using artificial trees and plants used to be a no-no for any style conscious building, nowadays the sheer quality and range of these plants is superb. In fact, artificial plants are now so realistic it’s difficult to tell them apart from the real thing and it’s down to a touch-test to determine whether they are actually real or not.

Going green…for your bottom line

Whilst your staff will always be a priority for you, you’re fully aware of the importance of boosting your bottom line – and, surprisingly, greenery can help you to do just that.
As we’ve identified, introducing plants into your office can be a much-welcomed relief for your staff, boosting happiness, reducing stress and, in turn, increasing productivity. This boost in capacity can help towards your sales teams closing more leads, your marketers developing more creative campaigns and your customer service staff taking on the needs of your customers with a revived attitude – all of which can have a significant impact on your revenue.
What’s more, whether we like it or not, you know the importance of first impressions. Does your office welcome a lot of visitors? What do you think their initial impression is of your office – and, consequently, your business? Similarly to your staff, your customers – or potential customers – can quickly spot an office that takes pride in its appearance and work. Adding greenery to your space needn’t cost the earth – especially with the ability to now rent plants, reducing the need for any capex – but it may just see you reap the rewards.