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The 10 best office friendly plants for 2020

Written by: phs Greenleaf

The 10 best office friendly plants for 2020

From a few strategically placed pots to an extravagant display in your foyer, indoor plants can completely change the mood and feel of your workplace. Office plants work to improve employee well-being, naturally purify the air, and create an inviting and comforting environment. They brighten small areas and can be used to create a big impact in larger areas.

To help get you started, and to give you a lot of inspiration, we’ve pulled together a list of the top ten most sought after office plants of 2020:


Monstera Deliciosa

The Monstera Deliciosa is the most popular member of the Monstera family, due to its attractive and dramatic looking leaves. Its popularity keeps increasing every year, as more and more people choose to bring a tropical vibe to their office. 

Why we love this plant:

  • vibrant leaves that are very Instagram friendly
  • it’s size and shape easily fill up empty spaces


Ficus Elastica

This classic 70s houseplant has made a comeback in recent years, due to its low maintenance and high impact offering.  The central stem of this plant tends to grow straight without any off shoots; allowing your desired shape and presence to be easily maintained

Why we love this plant:

  • it provides a classic look and feel
  • it easily adapts to new environments


Echeveria Elegans

This beautiful succulent grows in a way that resembles a rose.  In the winter leaves are pale green, but these turn pinker during the spring and summer.  These cute little plants can be combined with other succulents to create an impressive display.

Why we love this plant:

  • suitable for even the smallest of office environments
  • very low maintenance and slow growth


Aglaonema Commutatum

Algaonema are a much loved choice for indoor plant enthusiasts due to their decorative leaves. The Golden Evergreen has deep green leaves that are covered with creamy green patches, instantly adding texture and depth to any environment.

Why we love this plant:

  • they’re very good at cleaning the air
  • they thrive in low light areas


Howea Belmoreana

This beautiful palm plant is a welcome addition to any office environment.  It’s perfect for filling large spaces as it can grow to an impressive 8ft tall and 6ft wide.

Why we love this plant:

  • brings a welcome burst of life to large empty spaces
  • tropical and lively looking leaves


Livistona Chinensis

The Livistona Chinensis is know for its large and attractive fan-like leaves. Its impressive height, and rich green leaves, make it a perfect choice for large and open plan offices.

Why we love this plant:

  • vibrant and shiny green leaves
  • it doesn’t require direct sunlight


 Philodendron Scandens

This popular office plant is known for its adorable heart shaped leaves.  It’s ideal for adding depth to offices with high ceilings, as it can be used to create a lively and vibrant environment.

Why we love this plant:

  • can be grown as a trailer or climber
  • luscious looking green leaves


Yucca Aloifolia

The Yucca Aloifoila has a single branched trunk that makes it easy to manage. It grows beautiful pointy green leaves that are guaranteed to bring a smile to anyone walking by.  

Why we love this plant:

  • helps to create a luscious environment
  • low maintenance and easy to control growth


Spathiphyllum Wallisii

This compact and pretty plant fits seamlessly into any office environment.  Its vibrant and colourful flowers add extra brightness during the spring and summer months.

Why we love this plant:

  • perfect for use on desks or on waiting areas tables
  • tend to grow to a maximum of 12 inches


Anthurium Scherzeranium

The flamingo flower has beautiful waxy leaves that will instantly add a touch of class and texture to any office environment. They are perfect for indoor planting as they tend to grow to an average of 15 inches tall.

Why we love this plant:

  • adds a pop of colour to dull offices
  • glossy looking leaves look luxurious

Indoor office plant hire with phs Greenleaf

If any of these indoor office plants have caught your eye, phs Greenleaf can help. We can work with your business to spruce up your general corporate office environment or create a lavish display in your reception area.

Our experts will work with you to fill your office with the most beautiful and suitable indoor office plants. We take into consideration the size of your premises, your preferred servicing frequency, your budget, and any colour and design preferences you may have.

Click here to request a call back
or get in touch via:  0800 090 2325 / greenleafenquiries@phs.co.uk

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