Green Living walls Enrich your workplace

Impress your staff and visitors

Whether you are looking to create an impressive feature or have limited space a well-designed flourishing green living wall can make a great statement Green living walls make breath taking statements that capture and allure their audience, they are not only beautiful in their appearance but can also bring many health benefits to your business and your staff.

How we can help:

  • Assistance to evaluate your site and application of your Green Wall
  • Guidance on best practice and aspects to consider.
  • Support from industry experts.
  • Provision of detailed specifications and estimates.
  • Supply of cost-effective practical solutions to meet your requirements.
  • After sale support and maintenance
Our living wall solution
Our experienced team will work with you to choose the size and design of your living wall. They will assess your environment and recommend the right plants to be used.
We provide the highest quality living wall system and our qualified technicians will install your vertical green wall at a time that best suits you.

Every 4 weeks our technicians will complete a full maintenance visit to ensure your living wall is always looking its best.

Service that’s  second to none

With over 25 years horticultural experience, PHS Greenleaf have the knowledge and expertise to guide and advise you on the best vertical green wall displays to suit the climate and environmental conditions of your premises. We can help you design and choose the plants that will best suit your environment and living wall. Our trained technicians will install your display at a time that suits you. The vertical green wall is fitted to your wall with our unique bracket system where your plants can grow and flourish. The watering system lasts up to 4 weeks and our technicians will complete regular maintenance visits to ensure it always looks its best.