London’s calling: check out our latest installations

With over 35,000 acres of public parks, woodlands, and gardens, London is one of the greenest cities in Europe. To compliment this, our clients in London are looking for equally beautiful displays for their buildings, walkways, and gardens.

With space at a premium, getting the most from our displays takes careful planning and installation.

To celebrate our love for Britain’s vibrant capital, here are some of our favourites!

Stanhope Gardens, SW7

Stanhope Gardens

To brighten up Stanhope Gardens and add a summery feel to the premises, our maintenance team got to work planting delicate petunias in contrasting shades of white and purple. To add a unique spin to the design, these were draped through the railings outside of the building, as well as being planted in stylish wooden boxes.

For an especially eye-catching display, our team also planted buxus spirals to act as a centerpiece to the colourful, draping petunias.

The Highbury, N5

The Highbury

For the Highbury, our maintenance team kept it simple by installing summer hanging baskets with a mix of red and pink Geraniums. Although they’re similar in shade, the warm and cool tones of these flowers add interest by giving a pretty contrast to the design.

The hanging baskets have also been placed high above the door of the building to complement the dark brown brickwork and add a more welcoming feel to the premises.

Bunch of Grapes, SW3

Bunch of Grapes

Featuring a varied selection of dark red, orange, and yellow flowers, as well as hanging green ivy, these winter hanging baskets were the perfect choice for adding some warmth to what can otherwise be a bit of a grey time of year!

The contrasting green ivy and deep red Petunias also help to add a rustic feel to the design, which we feel perfectly complements the dark green paintwork of the rest of the building.

Putney, SW15

These residential gardens in Putney have the perfect river view. The planting and the water feature were designed to complement this, and to provide residents with the perfect place to spend time on a sunny May afternoon! To brighten up the garden and add interest, our dedicated maintenance team have planted shrubs, trees, and a selection of bright, eye-catching flowers, and these are regularly cared for to ensure they’re always looking their very best.

As well as looking after the garden’s plants, our maintenance team also ensures that any weeds are kept under control and regularly mow the grass to keep the area looking presentable and inviting!