Making the most of your office space in the New Year 2018

 The New Year is synonymous with new resolutions and beginnings, as well as being a time when many companies will review their business plans and budgets for the year ahead. Therefore, it also presents the perfect opportunity to refresh your workplace to give it a new look and feel and boost productivity in your employees by giving them a bright and attractive space to work in.


Not only that, but January is also an ideal time to re-organise your office if you want to make the most of your existing space; especially if you have plans to grow your business in in the next 12 months!


 Moving offices can be a stressful, costly, and time-consuming task, which is why we recommend being inventive with your storage and furniture options before making the decision to re-locate. In fact, from having a simple declutter, to storing your files and documents up high, there are a number of ways to give your office a fresh look and feel while saving space.


Feeling inspired? Check out our top tips for making the most of your office space in the New Year…


Declutter your desk and cupboards


neatly organised office desk with a yellow flower, computer and office equipment

When you work in a busy office, it’s easy for every available surface to become cluttered with the files and documents you just had to print off and keep a paper copy of; especially if some of your employees are on the messier side! This is obviously a disadvantage as your cupboards and shelves being filled to the brim with clutter will just take up unnecessary space, as well as making it look messy to potential visitors. Not only that, but it can be hard to get organised, which can impact productivity.


To make the most of the space in your office, you’ll need to be brutal during the organisation process, and throw away anything you don’t need, or any paper documents that can be scanned and stored on an external hard drive on an online cloud-based system. By doing this, you’ll have more space to utilise in your office, your files will be better organised, and they can be easily accessed by all your business’s employees from their computers. It’s a win-win situation.


Be creative with your plants


tow office plants in black planters in an office hallwayPlants are a great way of brightening up your office in the New Year without needing to re-decorate it completely. However, they don’t just add colour and interest to any room they’re placed into; because they remove CO2 and other harmful chemicals from the air, which can cause headaches, nausea, and other unpleasant symptoms, they’ll also boost your employees’ general health and well-being, as well as their concentration (and therefore, their productivity).


Dracaena, Anthurium, and Guzmania are all great eye-catching options to bring into the office, though if you don’t have the time and resources to care for real plants, artificial desktop flowers can also be used to add interest. If limited floorspace is an issue, smaller plants can be placed on top of cupboards, shelves, and desks, as well as in window sills. Alternatively, drape vines over shelving units, or consider installing a living wall in the office; as the plants will appear as though they’re growing out of the walls, this is sure to make an impact!


Make use of the height of the room


As we’ve already mentioned, offices with a limited amount of floorspace should make the most of any high-up storage they can, such as floating shelves, and tall cupboards and shelving units. This is known as the skyscaper approach because you’ll need to utilise the height of the room (rather than the width) to save as much floorspace as possible, while still ensuring your office is comfortable for your staff to both work and move around in! This is especially important because according to Regulation 10 of the Workplace (Health, Safety, and Welfare) Regulations 1992, each employee needs to be provided with a minimum of 40 square feet of floorspace.


For this method of storage to be effective, however, you’ll need to store all lesser used documents at the top of your cupboards and shelving units, while anything you and your employees need access on a regular basis should be kept on a lower level that’s easier to reach.


Re-think your office furniture and seating


 Finally, another way to get the most out of your office space in 2018 is by switching up your furniture and its placement in each room. For example, don’t arrange rectangular desks in rows as this will ‘cut’ the space up and make it seem smaller than it is. Instead, we’d recommend positioning them opposite each other, as its allows for more collaborative spaces and for more desks to be slotted together in a smaller amount of space.


Additionally, you should choose furniture with built-in storage, such as desks with shelving underneath them, seats with rows of shelves up the side, and coffee tables with draws underneath them. This is a great way to be creative with your décor, while saving space and ensuring the office always looks neat and tidy for potential visitors!


For more information on the best office plants to add some colour and interest to your office in the New Year, contact PHS Greenleaf.