Office and workplace decorating tips for Easter 2018

Filled with plenty of fun and chocolate treats, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone that doesn’t enjoy the Easter holidays! In fact, at phs Greenleaf, we don’t think that any age is too old to celebrate Easter, which is why we recommend decorating your workplace ready for the event, whether that be a hotel, pub or restaurant, a school or hospital, or even a more corporate office.


Studies have determined time and time again that happy employees equal more productive ones, and decorating your workplace for Easter is a great way of raising the mood and morale of your workforce. A brightly decorated restaurant, for example, will also seem far more welcoming to your visitors than one that has decided not to embrace the holiday.


Our florist, Natalija John has been a part of the phs Greenleaf family for the past 11 years, and she has had a key role in designing many of our beautiful artificial flower ranges, including our new spring and Easter range! Expanding on her experience of creating the new displays, she shares her top office and workplace decorating tips for Easter below…


Bring spring plants indoors

Easter woodland range daffodils and blue bells


Spring plants, such as daffodils, tulips, and bluebells have become synonymous with the Easter holiday due to the time of year in which they bloom, and the fact that both the Easter holiday and the spring season symbolise rebirth. In fact, what you may not know is that daffodils are commonly used in Easter bonnets, and they’re given as a gift during Easter because of their association with new beginnings!


If you want an eye-catching display that’s realistic, but doesn’t require the same degree of care as real flowers, then our new Woodland range features a mix of lifelike daffodils, tulips, and bluebells in either a stylish cube glass vase, a nature-inspired plant pot, or a quirky bark tray. Alternatively, for a beautiful yet understated display in a simple glass vase, opt for a design from our Blossom or Meadow ranges.


Make an Easter tree


Hanging ornaments on trees isn’t just a tradition you need to reserve for Christmas time! Although it’s exact origin is unknown, decorating bushes and trees with eggs to create the Ostereierbaum (or Easter egg tree) is a German tradition that’s believed to go back centuries, and it’s one that’s still carried out today. So, adding an Easter tree to your premises won’t just make an interesting display; it will also be a great talking point amongst your visitors!


To create your own Easter tree, you can buy a pre-potted plant to hang colourful egg ornaments from, or even place a contorted willow or branch in a container if you want to get a little more creative. For restaurants and pubs with outdoor seating areas, we’d also suggest adorning your exterior trees with eggs and other eye-catching Easter-themed decorations, such as those shaped like birds and flowers.


Hang up Easter wreaths

Easter wreath with daffodils ad easter eggs hanging on a wooden door

If you don’t have the time to create and decorate an Easter egg tree, or your premises are lacking the space for one to be displayed, then an Easter wreath is an easy way of adding some colour and Easter cheer to any room. Hang them on the walls above your desks, on the doors to various rooms, or even hang them from the ceiling if you can achieve this safely.


Whether you buy a pre-decorated wreath or decide to create your own, there are plenty of designs to choose from to match the look and feel of your company’s branding and your building’s existing décor. Keep it traditional and sophisticated with a pretty floral wreath, or go all out with a wreath covered in colourful eggs, carrots, and bird shaped ornaments. The choice is yours!


To make it easier to get your premises ready for Easter, our new spring artificial flower displays are available for nationwide delivery, and we’re offering 6 of our small displays for just £34.99. to find out more about our rental and purchase options, contact phs Greenleaf today.