Hire Office plants

for less than £4.75 per week

PHS Greenleaf understands that you want to leave a lasting impression when a visitor or colleague walks into your office or working environment. Bring your workplace to life by hiring our beautiful indoor office plants for as little as £4.75 per week. The service includes watering and feeding, pruning and cleaning when necessary. Depending on your requirements and budget, we can offer different levels of services and maintenance to suit your needs.

How can PHS Greenleaf help?

  • Create a striking and impressive plant display
  • Add colour and impact to your premises
  • Quality maintenance service available
  • Purchase and rental options available
  • Providing innovative solutions to improve your working environment
  • Supplied anywhere in the UK
Health benefits of plants
Purify the air
Office plants not only work as the supplier of fresh oxygen to a closed office environment, they also reduce the amount of carbon dioxide from the air via photosynthesis.
Improve productivity
Research has found that office plants also bring plenty of health benefits to your employees and visitors, including improving wellbeing and productivity by up to 65%*.
Reduce sickness
From helping allergy suffers, to reducing sickness and improving staff morale, office plants are here to help your workplace resulting in less sick days being taken by staff.

Service that’s  second to none

With over 25 years horticultural experience, PHS Greenleaf have the knowledge and expertise to guide and advise you on the best plant displays to suit your environment, light and colour scheme.

All our plants are sourced from MPS certified growers who are committed to sustainable CSR programmes. Our trained technicians will install your display at a time that suits you and maintain this for you so they are always looking their best.

Choosing to hire office plants for your premises is never an easy decision that is why PHS Greenleaf make it easy for you. We can guarantee a wide range of indoor plants and services due to our 25 years’ experience in the landscaping industry, operating from seven nationwide plant nurseries, servicing over 8,000 customer locations.

PHS Greenleaf provides the highest quality of indoor planting, perfect for offices, workplace, and corporate environments. We have a mix and match selection of indoor office plants, indoor plant pots and indoor trees which can create a bold and unique statement in your building’s interior.