PHS Greenleaf type of service options

Service Options

phs Greenleaf offer a number of different service options as we understand that each customer has different requirements and needs.


Rental & Maintenance

We design and install displays to your specification and will provide an ongoing service to maintain the plants, containers and displays throughout the length of the contract for an affordable quarterly or monthly fee ensuring your plant display are in good condition.

Many of our products and services are available on a rental and maintenance agreement allowing you to spread the cost of hiring over your agreed contract period.

Get a free rental and maintenance quote by contacting us on 0800 090 2325 for more information.


Purchase Only

Once you have chosen your design then you can purchase this display outright with a one off payment. This leaves you to service and maintain the displays yourself. Making it ideal for small businesses or one off displays.

All of our plants and containers and many of our other products are available on a purchase only option.  Call us free on 0800 090 2325 for more information.


Maintenance Only

To ensure that your plants are maintained and kept in the best condition, phs Greenleaf offer a maintenance only service. One of our highly experienced and knowledgeable plant technicians will water, feed, clean, and prune the plants at your premises on a regular basis.  This service is available to those who purchase their own plants, rent or those who already own plant displays.

To discuss your requirements further please give us a call on 0800 090 2325


Short Term Hire

We offer a range of plant displays available on a short term hire agreement. This agreement is perfect if you only require plants or plant displays over a short period of time.

Not only do we supply a range of plant displays on a short term agreement, our Christmas trees and decorations are also available for this option. This allows you to change the look and style of your Christmas tree each year, leaving the worry of storing the trees and decorations to us.

For further information about our Short Term Hire, or to arrange an appointment with one of our sales team please contact us on 0800 090 2325



Every project phs Greenleaf works on is planned with precision and will be priced accordingly after full survey and evaluation of the plants and work required. You will have your own dedicated account manager as your own point of contact and they will advise on the service and maintenance options available specific to your requirements.  An experienced technician will then maintain the exterior grounds and large landscaping projects accordingly.

If you require any of service options please contact 0800 090 2325