phs Greenleaf’s guide to summer hanging baskets for businesses

Hanging baskets are great for businesses all year round as they give your premises a more inviting look and feel. However, with many of us spending more time in the great outdoors in the warmer weather, summer hanging baskets are an especially great addition to pub gardens, and other outdoor spaces.

Plus, with many beautiful, colourful blooms flowering in the warmer months, summer hanging baskets are also an easy way of creating a vibrant and eye-catching display.

pink orange and yellow followers in a hanging basket for summer


At phs Greenleaf, we know our plants. The proof of this is in the fact that we have 25 years’ experience of providing interior and exterior planting services to businesses across the UK, including artificial and real office plants, landscaping projects, and grounds maintenance. We also install over 26,000 hanging baskets for our customers every year.


If you want to create a stunning display with summer hanging baskets, check out phs Greenleaf’s guide to choosing the right plants for your baskets, as well as how to care for them…


Which plants should I use in a summer hanging basket?

red and pink summer hanging basket

The best plants for summer hanging baskets are those that flower in spring through to autumn, as this ensures you have a beautiful and vibrant display for the entirety of the summer season. With the UK’s weather being predictable at best throughout the year, we’d also advise choosing plants that thrive in both the sun and the shade.


To add interest to summer hanging baskets, use upright plants as the centre piece, and feature trailing plants around the edges of the basket. This ensures the display isn’t too rigid or uniform in shape, and it will give it a more natural feel. Additionally, as summer planting is often associated with rich colours, choose plants with bright flowers, though be careful to limit your display to 2-3 complimentary shades.


You should also break up the display and make it feel more authentic with plenty of green accents. In many of our summer hanging baskets this year, we’ve incorporated lush Helichrysum Pet Silver, Indian Mint, Lysimachia num Aurea, and Ipomoea Bright Ideas for this purpose.


At phs Greenleaf, one of our favourite flowers for summer hanging baskets is Geraniums, which is why they’re featured in our classic Summer Blush and Summer Delight Designs. One of the reasons we love Geraniums is because they’re very versatile, blooming in shades of pink, red, orange, purple and white.

Because their flowers grow on tall stems, standard Geraniums make beautiful centrepieces in hanging baskets. However, Ivy Geraniums will also look great cascading down the sides of the display.


Petunias, with their delicate open flowers, are also a popular option for summer hanging baskets, and they’re a key component of our Summer Celebrate, Summer Delight and Summer Breeze designs. Not only are there a number of vibrant shades to choose from (such as purple, red, yellow, and even black), but they have various growing habits. Opt for trailing Petunias to add interest, and mounding varieties to add height to your display.


Other great plants to use in summer hanging baskets include Fuchsia, Verbena Samira, Viola (Pansies), Lobelia, Begonia Illumination, and Salvia.


How to maintain hanging baskets in the summer months

pink and white flowers in a hanging basket for summer

To care for summer hanging baskets, the most important thing to ensure is that they don’t dry out as this could be detrimental to your plants. Though you should be checking them everyday in the summer months, this task is particularly vital on warmer days.


To determine whether hanging baskets need to be watered, check the compost, as this should be kept moist. Too much water can be just as detrimental to your plants as the soil drying out, so try to ensure that the soil isn’t soggy, and that you don’t get the flowers and foliage wet when watering.


Your plants should also be regularly deadheaded, as this will encourage them to produce more flowers (rather than use their energy to produce more seeds).


However, of you don’t have the time and resources to plant and maintain summer hanging baskets in your business premises, the expert team at phs Greenleaf can take care of the entire process for you, from original installation, to changing the baskets for the winter months.


Our hanging baskets range this year includes many old favourites, accompanied by a few new designs. One of our favourites is Summer Celebrate, which we’re created to mark the Royal Baby and Wedding. It features Verbena, Fanfare, Surfinia, and Lobelia in patriotic shades of red, white, and blue. So, if the football team are not providing us much joy come July, this basket sure will!


To find out more about the great range of interior and exterior planting services from phs Greenleaf, contact us today.