PHS Greenleaf’s New Year gardening predictions: gardening trends for 2018

From plant types to colour schemes, each New Year brings something new to the garden, and the phs Greenleaf team are excited to roll up their sleeves, put on their gardening gloves, and start embracing the latest planting and gardening trends for 2018!


This year, the health benefits of plants will only be more appreciated, and we’ll think more about how we can work with nature to improve our health and well-being, as well as that of our planet. We’ll also get more creative with our planting by embracing fresh purple tones, and making the most of a limited amount of space both inside the home or workplace, and in our grounds and gardens.


From rewilding to vertical planting, here’s what phs Greenleaf predicts will be the biggest gardening trends to watch in 2018… (just be careful of any thorns)


Plants for health

PHS Greenleafs New Year gardening predictions

Thanks to a number of studies, the health benefits of plants are well documented. According to NASA’s Clean Air Study, they improve air quality by removing toxins such as carbon dioxide and formaldehyde from the air (which reduces headaches and other unpleasant symptoms), and they’ve also been found to boost concentration levels and reduce feelings of anger and anxiety. However, it’s only in 2018 that we’ll start to make the most of these benefits by bringing more plants into our home and workplaces.


To jump on the trend (and achieve a happier and more productive workforce), some of the best plants to bring into the office include Anthurium, Peace Lily, Orchid, and the Snake Plant (Mother-in-Law’s-tongue), the latter of which is one of the easiest plants for busy staff to care for!


Pantone’s Verdure colour palette


 This year, Pantone have created a number of vibrant colour palettes for interiors and the home, from Playful (which features bright yellow and lime shades), to Discretion (which favours a more subtle mix of pink hues). Nonetheless, it’s their Verdure colour palette that’s attracted the most attention! With a nature-inspired palette of celery green, eggshell blue, and berry inspired purples, it’s due to be a big trend in planting in 2018.


With its colours being easily found in nature, embracing Pantone’s Verdure palette in your planting is surprisingly simple. As well as ensuring there’s plenty of shrubs and green foliage to be found in your garden, you can plant purple-flowering herbs and flowers (such as Lavender, Rosemary, Clematis, and Pansies) in eggshell blue pots and troughs.


Vertical planting

PHS Greenleafs New Year gardening predictions

 Another trend that will be very popular in both homes and the workplace next year is vertical planting. As the name suggests, this basically means making the most of a limited amount of floorspace (or even a lack of garden, if your home or office is without one) by making your planting vertical!


For indoor areas, consider installing a living wall (which gives the illusion that flowers are growing out of the walls of your building), or hang real or artificial plants from the ceiling of the room in planters; this not only saves space, but it will ensure a creative and eye-catching display. When it comes to your grounds and gardens, however, consider hanging baskets, as well as utilising vines and other climbing plants that can drape themselves around trellises and balcony railings.


Working with nature (Rewilding)


For those new to the term ‘rewilding’, it basically means to provide support to plants and wild species to aid natural processes, which helps nature to thrive on its own. In terms of your own gardening, this means creating an environment that welcome birds, bees, and other wildlife, and this can be achieved by ensuring your garden provides the resources they need.


Plant bee-friendly plants and herbs, such as Lavender, Heather, Sage, Rhododendron, Forget-Me-Nots, and Thyme. You should also be attracting ladybirds to your garden (as these hunt pests), and some of the best plants to do this include Geraniums, Calendula, Tansy, Batchelors Button. Additionally, ensure you’re regularly topping up your birdbath to give birds a reason to visit your garden.