phs Greenleaf’s predictions for spring planting trends for 2018

Spring is the symbol of rebirth, with its arrival causing trees and bushes to grow new leaves to replace those that were lost in the previous autumn, and many flowers producing fresh and colourful blooms. This, combined with the rising temperatures and longer days that this season also brings, makes it the perfect time for many to get in the garden once again and refresh their planting for spring!


This year, planting will favour Pantone’s Verdure colour palette, and while we’ll be embracing outdoor living as much as possible, we’ll also be bringing more plants indoors to take advantage of their many health benefits. For example, did you know that being in the presence of plants can reduce feelings of stress and anger, and increase your memory retention?


Here are our predictions for this year’s spring planting trends, and how these can be incorporated into your own grounds or garden…


Verdure planting


 As we already explained in our round-up of the top gardening trends for 2018, the colour palette many of us will be embracing in our planting this year is Pantone’s Verdure. Created alongside a number of vibrant colour palettes (including Playful and Discretion), Verdure takes its inspiration from nature and health, which is why it features shades of celery green, eggshell blue, uplifting yellow, and bright berry-inspired purples!


To easily incorporate this trend into your gardening, choose spring flowering plants in a variety of blue and purple tones, ranging from the palest blue, to the most vibrant of purples; this will enable you to put your own spin on the colour palette and add some great colour to your garden! Some good flowers to plant include leafy green shrubs, as well as the Himalayan Blue Poppy, Crocus, Forget-Me-Nots, and of course, Daffodils (the plant of spring).


Spring window boxes


trough planter of purple pink and green plants

With so many of us now flocking to urban areas to live and work, reaping the benefits of plants on our general health and well-being will become increasingly important in 2018 and beyond. Because of this, we’ll be bringing more greenery into our homes and workplaces, which won’t just improve our moods and well-being; colourful blooms are the perfect touch if you want to add interest to any room’s décor!


However, despite both real and artificial plants being a common feature in homes and workplaces for many years, the trend in 2018 will be to be as creative as possible with their placement; think hanging plants from the ceiling, rather than just placing them on desks. Chantal Aida Gordon and Ryan Benoit, founders of the popular gardening blog, The Horticult, recommend making the most of smaller spaces and the sunnier weather by filling window boxes with spring plants, such as Tulips and Daffodils.


Outdoor living

field of lavender phs greenleaf


 Alongside bringing more plants into our homes and workplaces, spring’s warmer weather will also see us spending more time in the great outdoors. This is because, according to renowned garden designer, John Wyer, outdoor structures are going to be one of the biggest gardening trends in 2018, and these will be impressive ‘Plug and Play’ pergolas ‘with integrated drainage, lighting, and heating’. However, we won’t just be heading to the garden to entertain guests; we’ll also be seeking mindfulness.


Although ‘outdoor living’ is a gardening trend that will mostly be embraced in home gardens, you can also accommodate for this in your workplace by creating more outdoor breakout areas, and achieving this can be as simple as adding benches, and installing a few exterior lights in your grounds. Just think about it; what better way is there to get inspired for the rest of the working day than by taking a break or a meeting surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature?


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