Preparing your garden for the new season

During the winter, general gardening jobs are minimal, which can sometimes leave the space looking untidy and in need of some TLC.


With the warmer weather starting to appear, getting outside spaces prepared for spring is a top priority. This preparation gives gardens and outside areas a new lease of life, and makes them a place that everyone can enjoy throughout the new season.


To get your garden ready for spring, take a look at these tips for nurturing this natural space from phs Greenleaf…


Clearing flowerbeds and borders


The wet and cold weather may have caused some flowerbeds and border areas to become untidy due to dead plants, falling leaves and soil washed onto pathways. Spring cleaning this debris automatically gives garden spaces a lift and offers you the chance to see what areas you can replant.


Trees and shrubs may also need a trim to keep them looking fresh and ready for spring. Tidying these and re-fertilising any that are actively growing will help to encourage healthy foliage.


Spring weeding


You may notice as the weather gets warmer that’ll you see those pesky weeds starting to resurface. Getting a handle on these straight away will help to control the problem during the summer and keep flowerbeds and lawns looking pristine. Weeding during early spring is ideal, as the soil is damp and makes them easier to pull out. Using your hands or a garden hoe should do the trick.


Aerating lawn areas


Depending on how much the lawn gets used, regular aerating may be required to prevent soil compaction. By aerating the lawn, this opens up small pockets that allow air and nutrients to penetrate into the grass. It’s quite a simple job and involves using an aerator to make small holes in the topsoil. This encourages stronger and healthier lawn growth throughout spring.


Dealing with frost damaged plants


Snow and frost are particular issues if you’re looking to promote growth and blossom in the spring. If the recent cold snap has caused some damage to plants in the garden, there are some things you can do before you condemn them to the compost such as:


  • Prune out damaged growth
  • Add some general purpose fertiliser to encourage regrowth
  • Check for new plants that have lifted out of the ground and re-bed the soil surrounding them
  • If the garden feels the full force of the elements, consider creating a shelter for specific areas
  • Although a plant may look dead, the root may still be alive, so it could be salvaged


Planting new flowers and plants for summer


Once the garden area is tidy, planting vibrant flowers for the upcoming season is ideal for the perfect display. Lilies, Gladiolus and Ranunculus, are excellent options for beautiful floral arrangements. There is a choice of hundreds of seeds and bulbs that can be planted in the garden and the display can be tailored to your tastes and soil types to get the best blooms.


Giving external spaces some much-needed TLC after the winter months will help keep them prepped and ready for visitors to enjoy during the new season.


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