Quick and easy ways to add festive cheer to the office at Christmas!

With 84% of workers saying their businesses need to make more of an effort to embrace the Christmas spirit, you should be doing all you can to add festive cheer to the office this year!

Regardless of whether your staff are already excited for the big day in October, or they won’t put their Christmas tree up in their home until mid-December, pretty much everyone enjoys the festive season. Therefore, adding some festive cheer to your office is a great way of boosting their mood and morale. After all, happy workers are more productive ones.

Luckily, however, spreading the Christmas joy at work doesn’t need to be a hassle! Here are our quick and easy tips for adding festive cheer to the office at Christmas…

Go the extra mile with your decorations

Commercial Christmas trees from PHS GreenleafDon’t just put a Christmas tree up in the corner of the office and think you’ve done enough to add the festive cheer your employees crave! Instead, make the office a winter wonderland by utilising as many Christmas accessories as possible; hang up wreaths and garlands, wrap tinsel around chairs, and adorn any available surfaces with tabletop trees and desk florals.

In fact, you can even give your festive decorating a more modern spin with Bauble Bowls, a Chandelier Drop or Bauble Hoop Tree; look at your company’s existing décor and branding for inspiration.

To get the whole office involved, you could also run a competition to see who can decorate their desk the most creativity, and give a price to whoever is crowned the winner. Even the biggest office scrooge is bound to want to be involved!

Hold a Christmas jumper day

Speaking of competitions, you can’t go wrong with the classic and much-loved Christmas Jumper Day! By giving a prize for the best one, everyone is bound to bring out their most embarrassing knits, which can make it a very fun day; who doesn’t want to see their managers in their ugliest Christmas jumpers, after all?

However, it’s not just a chance to make your employees feel more festive; the Christmas Jumper Day is also a great opportunity to raise money for a good cause. This year, the Save the Children Christmas Jumper Day will be held on 15th December, so make sure you sign-up, grab your best jumper, and give your employees the memo to donate.

Create a playlist of your best Christmas songs

It isn’t the festive season without Christmas songs, is it? So, remember to bring your speakers into the office (if there’s not one there already, of course), and get to work making a great festive playlist; we’d advise keeping it varied by including a selection of older and newer tunes, from The Pogues to Michael Bublѐ, as well as asking for your co-workers to recommend their favourites.

Alternatively, take things in the opposite direction by creating an ‘anti-Christmas’ playlist. If Christmas songs aren’t so popular in your office, then this can provide a much-needed break from the Christmas overload that’s sure to be playing on the radio!

Participate in Secret Santa

Finally, arranging for your staff to participate in Secret Santa gift exchange is always a good idea if you want to easily add festive cheer to the office in the run-up to Christmas. Not only does it present a fun challenge and a great opportunity for everyone to show off their creativity (especially if the budget is very low), but everyone benefits from it.

When arranging the Secret Santa remember to keep things as fair as possible by picking names out of a hat, and ensuring everyone has the same budget; £5 or £10 is usually the safest bet.

Secret Santa is also great if you work in a larger office, as you may pick someone you’ve never spoken to before. So, while the idea of buying them a gift may be daunting, it gives you a great chance to find out more about them.

Finally… don’t be the office Grinch!

A little bit of effort and festive good will goes a long way with staff, customers, and anyone else you’ll encounter at work. So, make sure you and the rest of your workforce get involved in the festivities to have a bit of fun this Christmas!

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