Real vs. fake: should you choose a real or artificial Christmas tree for your workplace?

Evoking childhood memories of Christmases spent playing board games by the fire, preparing cookies and milk for Santa Claus, and excitedly unwrapping presents on 25th December, a Christmas tree is the perfect touch to add to any workplace during the Christmas holidays.

Plus, with the festive season fast approaching, it’s never too early to start thinking about your business Christmas displays and decorations. In fact, planning ahead will ensure you have plenty of time to get everything sorted by the time November rolls around!

However, it’s not just the colour schemes and design that you’ll need to worry about; one of the most important parts of festive decorating is choosing your Christmas tree, and the first question you should ask yourself is whether you want a real or replica model for your workplace.

There are a number of factors that will affect whether you choose a real or artificial Christmas tree for your premises, and these range from whether the tree is going to be kept indoors or outdoors, to the look you want to achieve, and the amount of maintenance you’re willing and able to provide.

Here are the main considerations you should take when choosing corporate or commercial Christmas trees for your workplace…

Where is the Christmas tree going to be displayed?

Real or artificial Christmas tree

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a real or replica Christmas tree is where it’s going to be displayed on your premises. For example, if your tree is going to be indoors (particularly in a part of the building that has a high level of footfall), then a replica model would be the best option because they don’t drop needles. These won’t just look messy if they’re not regularly cleaned up, but they’ll also add the risk of your visitors slipping on them!

Nonetheless, real Christmas trees are perfect for adding a festive feel to larger exterior spaces, which is why we recommend them for outdoor use. However, if you want to have real Christmas trees in the interior of your building, you should choose a variety of tree that drops less needles. At PHS Greenleaf, we use Nordmann Firs indoors and Norwegian Spruce for exteriors to minimise needle drop.

Artificial Christmas trees are also a better option for doctors’ surgeries and hospitals due to allergies.

How busy are your premises?

Whether your commercial Christmas tree is real or artificial will also largely depend on how busy your premises are, and how much maintenance you’re able to provide. As we’ve already explained, a real Christmas tree will drop needless, and this will start to happen after around 2 weeks. Although needle drop can be minimised by watering your real Christmas tree (as they shed more needles when they’ve dried out), this task needs to be done daily.

The needles dropped by a real tree will also need to be swept up regularly to kept your building looking neat and tidy, as well as minimise the risk of visitors slipping on them.

The busier your premises, the less maintenance your on-site staff will be able to carry out. So, although replica trees will still need to be dusted regularly to keep them looking their best, they may be a more suitable option for businesses with a high level of footfall.

What look are you hoping to achieve with your tree?

Real Christmas trees are often favoured for the more festive and traditional look they add to a display. Sometimes you just can’t beat their unique pine fragrance (which has been proven to lift moods), and more authentic feel! However, replica trees can still have the visual ‘wow factor’ as their neater, more symmetrical shapes can hold more decorations.

Whichever option you choose will depend on whether you’re hoping to achieve a more traditional or modern look with your Christmas displays, and if you want your tree to hold a lot of decorations. You’ll also want to take into the account the existing look and feel of your building, as well as your business’ branding.