Spring is in the air and the plants are growing; what a difference it makes!

After a slow start, Spring is finally here. This means the Summer planting season is upon us once again!

With the MET Office forecasting some great weather for the coming months, everyone will be wanting to grab their sunhats, chucking on their sunglasses, and getting outside to enjoy the glorious sunshine. The perfect place to do this? In our parks and gardens, of course.

This means it’s the perfect time to update your hanging baskets to a Summer theme, as well as getting your Fuchsias, Geraniums and Begonias planted to create a lively display and add some colour when they bloom!

There has been a flurry of activity as we make our last-minute preparations for summer; but the work started long before that! Our teams have been busy in our nurseries, preparing all Winter to create some great displays. This also includes growing and nurturing Petunia Hot Pink and Verbena Temari Blue to be used in our hanging baskets.


Amanda Catley, our Nursery Manager at Waterside Nursery, says: “After months of hard work, it’s finally time to get the baskets out to our customers. Summer’s here!”

An exciting trend for this year will be the understated Summer Breeze hanging basket. This will feature bright and uplifting yellows in the form of Sanvitalia Gold Aztec, and this is beautifully contrasted with the soft greens from the Helichrysum and white Petunias.

We also have great options available for more shaded conditions. These include ‘Fuchsia Beacon’ and ‘Begonia Illumination’.

Shashi Kant Ja from our Waltham Abbey Nursery has also been planting Petunia Surfinia ‘White’. The reason for this is the fact that the hotter summer will really suit the vibrant and more cooling variety.




How we create our hanging baskets


We get shipments of basket materials shipped in from both UK and overseas.

We fill the baskets with compost, fertilisers, and water retention gel.

We place the baskets in their location with the correct spacing.

We plant up the baskets using our specific varieties, in the correct location and quantity per basket.

The baskets start filling up 2 weeks after planting.

They are just 2 weeks away from filling the basket, ready for dispatch to our depots.
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