Summer gardening tips for different businesses

Garden areas provide a much-needed point of tranquillity and natural beauty in public areas. This feature is also beneficial to a number of businesses and organisations that want to provide extra space for customers during the warmer months. Garden design is important within these areas and tailoring the landscape to the business or public space helps visitors make the most of this dedicated spot.


Take a look at some handy ideas to create the perfect outdoor area for your business.


Pub garden design


Ensuring a pub garden is looking tidy and fresh for the warmer months will help to drive more customers through the doors. As the area will have a high concentration of seating to accommodate outdoor dining, balancing this with softer planted areas can help to brighten the space up. To up your game in alfresco options, adding an outdoor kitchen or bar area can help boost this area. Ambient lighting will also ensure the space can be enjoyed from day till dusk.


School garden ideas


Gardens in education establishments are great for supporting learning and creativity for children of all ages. Landscaping this area also creates a space for relaxation and contemplation, plus there is also the chance to install play sections amongst the natural foliage. Planting hardy yet vibrant flowers and trees such as evergreen shrubs, Rosa Gluca and sunflowers will ensure they withstand the school environment.


Public space landscaping


One of the most important aspects of public spaces is the natural areas and underlying design that help to promote the practical use of the area. Plants help to bring the overall landscape to life yet they need to be low maintenance and hardy to withstand different weather conditions. Lawn areas are also essential to include and offer a space to play and relax surrounded by planting schemes. Some ideal plants to add in this spot include bulbs such as daffodils, crocuses and bluebells, which bloom naturally at different times of the year depending on the type of flower chosen. Small shrubs and perennials also help to provide structure and borders and don’t require too much aftercare once planted.


Hospital garden design



Gardens are known to have a positive impact on health and wellbeing, which is why they form an important part of a hospital environment. They are often designed to help provide a calm space for both patients and visitors, plus some can be developed to enable rehabilitation and sensory experiences. Planting all year round foliage and flowers helps to keep maintenance low yet the space inviting and attractive. Adding patio areas and benches also provide spots to sit and admire the garden with family and friends. Setting clear pathways and sightlines in a hospital garden also allow easier manoeuvrability for less-able people.


Hotel and restaurant seating areas


planting display outside a city centre coffee shop


Architectural and natural features often go hand in hand in hotel and restaurant outdoor dining spaces. Although the layout is often mostly dominated with seating options, plants help to boost the customer experience and offer an inviting spot to enjoy with friends and family. Raised planters are ideal for creating natural sections plus hanging baskets are often popular for street-side areas and create a focal point without being obstructive. Using large potted trees and plants in outdoor spaces such as coffee shops also creates an element of shade for customers that are using laptops or smartphones. Check out our recent article on unique ways to incorporate plants into your hotel’s décor for additional tips on improving your customer’s experience.


If you’d like help on designing a space tailored to your business requirements, contact phs Greenleaf and find out how our exterior services could support your garden project.