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The benefits of plants in healthcare

There are many benefits of having plants in healthcare buildings, and these range from reducing stress and feelings of unease, to improving ventilation and removing toxins from the air. In fact, plants have shown to promote healing, as well as speed up patients’ recovery time.

They purify the air of toxins

  • Plants remove mold, dust and bacteria, aswell as toxins from the air and make it purer to breathe
  • This makes them a great addition where people are unwell and may be especially vulnerable to the adverse effects toxin can cause

They combat ‘Sick Building Syndrome’

  • Evidence suggests that it may be due to people being exposed to indoor toxins (such as formaldehyde, xylene, and benzene)
  • Plants raise humidity levels and absorb these everyday toxins to convert into food, having plants is one of the most effective ways of combating SBS in this environment

They improve mood and morale

  • According to UTS research from 2010, their presence can reduce tension and feelings of anxiety by 37%
  • It’s not just indoor plants that have a calming effect, a well-maintained garden being visible from hospital rooms will also improve patients’ moods

They promote healing

  • Evidence has found that high levels of stress can slow the healing process
  • Plants can reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, they will therefore aid patients in their recovery

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