The best desktop artificial plants to add colour and interest to your workplace

Desktop artificial flowers are one of the quickest and easiest ways to add some colour and interest to your building. This is because they look like the real thing, but they require far less maintenance than real plants as they don’t require sunlight or regular watering.


In fact, artificial planting displays can make a stunning impact in a range of environments (particularly in autumn and winter), and this is true whether you’re a hotel, spa, coffee shop or restaurant, or even if your business is based in a more corporate office.


However, although any workplace can benefit from the introduction of artificial flowers, it’s important to ensure that you pick the right planting displays for your business. This decision will be largely based on your building’s existing décor and branding, as well as the customer base you’re hoping to attract.


Just think about it; a homely pub will want a more classic display than a modern hotel or spa!


With over 25 years’ experience of providing real and artificial plants to businesses throughout the UK, PHS Greenleaf know what’s needed for a stunning planting display. With that in mind, we’ve recently launched 6 new collections of desktop artificial flowers, and these have been designed to suit a range of preferences and commercial environments.


Not only that, but our flower displays are expertly crafted by hand for an authentic feel, and we’ll take the worry away by delivering them directly to your premises and updating your displays to match each season. This ensures you have stunning artificial flowers all year round!


Check out our round-up of the best desktop artificial plants to add colour and interest to your workplace in autumn and winter below…


Botanical Range


Winter Botanical artificial plant from PHS Greenleaf

The desktop artificial flowers in our new Botanical Range feature unique and colourful flowers in warm shades of pink, red, and yellow to add an exotic feel to the décor of any building. This ensures they’re a great choice for promoting a more tranquil and relaxing environment, particularly in hotels and spas!


Our Winter Botanical displays use Red Anthurium as the main feature for a pop of colour that’s subtle, yet eye-catching. Their height is complimented by tall Grass Spray, and further interest is added to the display by dark green Mostera leaves.


Contemporary Range 


Winter Contemporary artificial plant from PHS Greenleaf

If you want your business to stand out from the crowd, a modern display from our new Contemporary Range will give your décor that distinctive edge you crave. With each season’s design ranging in shape and size, they’re sure to leave a lasting impression in reception areas!


Our Winter Contemporary displays feature Red Anthurium and Red Twigs to add impressive height to this eye-catching design, and the top of the glass is bowl is also framed by delicate Red Hypericum and lush green Lamb Ears to help the display achieve its unique and eye-catching shape.


Natural Range


Winter Natural artificial plant from PHS Greenleaf

For more traditional artificial planting displays, our Natural Range features classic flowers displayed in glass bowls and a tall vase. This makes them perfect for adding a touch of timeless elegance to a range of environments, from corporate offices, to hotels.


Our Winter Natural displays favour natural tones of cream, brown and red, and this is achieved by the inclusion of White Peony and Red Hypericum, as well as brown wooden twigs, which add height to the display. Green and white twigs also fill the bowl to put a unique spin on this traditional flower display.


Urban Range


Winter Urban artificial plant from PHS Greenleaf

For artificial planting displays with an abundance of texture and colour, choose a design from our new Urban Range. Perfect for modern hotels, restaurants and offices, the designs in this range incorporate plenty of natural elements, and these are encased in stylish shallow glass bowls.


Our Winter Urban displays are great for adding some colour and interest back into the workplace with its bright White Orchids (Phalaenopsis), and lush green leaves. To add some texture and interest, moss and stones have also been incorporated into the design.


Concept Range


Winter Concept artificial plant from PHS Greenleaf

If you want a no-fuss artificial flowers display that will add a touch of simplicity to your premises, then look no further than our new Concept Range. Featuring one stand-out flower encased in a stylish glass bowl, this classic range has been designed with sophistication in mind.


Our Winter Concept displays give an elegant feel with simple, yet uplifting White Orchids, while green moss adds texture without detracting from the beauty of the delicate Orchids. Twigs can also be seen sprouting from the top of the round glass bowl, which gives the design a more modern feel.


Oriental Range


Winter large Oriental artificial plant from PHS Greenleaf

With their colourful open blooms and impressive height, the Orchids in our Oriental Range are perfect for adding a touch of elegance to the likes of hotels, spas, restaurants, and offices. With 3 size options and different colours available for each season, you’re sure to find a design to suit your preferences!


Our Winter Oriental displays feature cool white Orchids for a simple and sophisticated design, and this is complemented by their lush green leaves. To add interest to the display, the artificial orchids in our Oriental collection are also arranged in a boat of moss.



The new desktop artificial flowers range is available from this month. For more information, contact the PHS Greenleaf team.