The mother of all plants: the best Mother’s Day flowers

From worship of the Greek goddess, Isis, to Mother’s Day as we know it today, motherhood has been celebrated by all civilisations through various lifetimes.


With so much importance placed on celebrating the special women in our life, plants and flowers are widely considered to be the perfect way of expressing your love and appreciation on Mother’s Day. In fact, this has long been a Mother’s Day tradition, and this is due to motherhood’s association with the spring. Thanks to the arrival of fresh new blooms each year, spring is also the symbol of rebirth, and it represents life and fertility.


However, did you know that like Valentine’s Day, particular flowers are associated with Mother’s Day? To celebrate the big day, check out our round-up of some of the best Mother’s Day plants and flowers to give as gifts, or to decorate your home or workplace with…




Pink carnations for Mother's Day

Now one of the most common flowers to be included in a Mother’s Day bouquet, the carnation is the traditional flower of Mother’s Day. This is due to Anna Jarvis, the founder of the holiday, choosing pink carnations to honour her mother when it was celebrated for the first time back in 1908. However, this flower is also said to represent a mother’s eternal love.


Carnations now remain a favourite Mother’s Day flower for reasons beyond their original association with the holiday. This is because they typically live longer than many other fresh cut flowers, and they mix well with other plants that are commonly used in Mother’s Day bouquets.




Pink roses for Mother's Day

The rose is traditionally considered to be the flower of love, though different coloured roses are known to symbolise different kinds of love, including romantic love and platonic love. However, the flower is also associated with motherhood because it symbolises the Greek goddess, Isis, who is said to be the perfect loving wife and mother.


When it comes to colours, pink roses are considered to be the most appropriate to give as a Mother’s Day gift. This is because light pink roses denote happiness, elegance and admiration, while darker pink hues are a symbol of gratitude, and are commonly given as a gift to say thank you.



 Pink carnations for Mother's Day

Orchids are also a great plant to give as a Mother’s Day gift, though this isn’t just due to their beautiful, exotic appearance; they also have many meanings that can be connected to motherhood. Not only do they signify love, beauty and strength, but pink orchids, in particular, are the 14th wedding anniversary flower, and they’re said to symbolise pure affection when given as a gift. Additionally, in China, orchids also represent many children.


Other reasons that orchids have become one of the most popular Mother’s Day plants and flowers is due to the fact that they’re quite long-lasting, and they’re also very versatile. With so many colours to choose from, you’re bound to be able to find your mother’s favourite!


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