The plants of spring: our favourite spring flowers

Spring is one of the most exciting times of the year for nature, and therefore, your garden. Signifying rebirth and fresh starts, it’s the season where we can finally leave winter’s harsher conditions behind for longer, warmer days, which (of course) allows many of our favourite plants to bloom and fill your garden with colour ready for the summer months.


For many people, the sight of bright yellow daffodils peeking out of the grass is the true signifier that spring has arrived, and this is because the perennial plant, with its eye-catching thick stems and bell-shaped flowers, is one of the first to bloom after the winter frost!


However, they’re not the only plant you should use to brighten up the workplace this season! Check out phs Greenleaf’s round-up of our favourite spring plants and flowers, and how to care for them in your office and commercial areas, below…


Daffodilsspring daffodils


The daffodil is distinctive for reasons far beyond its appearance, with its open large-headed flowers, which bloom in bright and cheery shades of yellow. This beautiful perennial plant is also the national symbol of Wales, and because it represents the renewal of life, it’s commonly displayed and given as a gift during the Easter holiday.


To care for your daffodils indoors, you should place them near a window so that they receive filtered sunlight, although you’ll need to ensure that they’re kept out of direct sunlight to prevent them from fading. If you plan to keep them in a vase, the stems should also be cut at an angle, and these should be placed in shallow water.


Top tip: they are one of the few bulbs that squirrels don’t like to eat!


Tulipsspring pink tulips


When many of us think of tulips, we think of the flower’s large and brightly coloured bulbs, as well as Netherland’s famous tulip fields. A popular tourist attraction today, the Netherland’ long association with this showy perennial in fact dates back to 1592, when Carolus Clusius wrote his first major book on tulips and caused them to surge in popularity.


If you want to bring beautiful tulips into the workplace, choose a vase that covers at least half of the plant’s stems, as this will allow them to stretch outwards and grow to their full potential. Your tulips will also need a lot of fresh water, so make sure their supply is changed at least every other day. You should also keep the flowers out of direct sunlight.


Knowledge: There are over 3,000 varieties of tulip, which are split into 15 groups based on the flower’s size, petal shape and formation.


Bluebellsspring blue bells


Bluebells, as the name suggests, are long-stemmed perennials with bulbous bell-shaped flowers that are most commonly found in a distinctive, vibrant shade of violet-blue. However, this sweet-smelling plant (which grows in Atlantic areas of the world, and is technically a herb), isn’t always blue. Though rare, bluebell flowers can also be white or even pink!


Although beautiful in appearance, one of the disadvantages of bluebells is that the cut flowers don’t last for a very long time. However, you can maximise their lifespan by keeping a bit of the root intact when the flowers are cut and placed in a vase indoors. Alternatively, get the same look by choosing a realistic artificial flower display that features bluebells.


Snowdropsspring snowdrops


One of the reasons snowdrops are so well-loved is because they’re one of the first flowering plants of the year, though some varieties flower in early spring and late autumn. However, the most interesting thing about his bulbous perennial plant, which has delicate white flowers that face downwards, is that it’s known by the same name in most countries that see snow!


Snowdrops are very hardy, which makes them easier to care for than many other plants. To grow them indoors, make sure they’re kept in a cool and well-shaded area (preferably a North-facing windowsill); this is especially important in the spring, when the weather is getting warmer. Snowdrop bulbs should also be potted around an inch below the surface of the soil in the pot or planter.


To bring beautiful spring plants into the workplace without the need for regular maintenance, phs Greenleaf have a new range of artificial flower displays that incorporate eye-catching and realistic spring plants to brighten up any area!


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