The Summer of Business Landscaping and Grounds Maintenance

As the glorious weather continues, keeping on top of gardening and grounds maintenance projects is vital to maintaining a fresh and vibrant outdoor space in your business premises. To get a commercial or educational exterior area looking its best, investment in grounds maintenance is crucial for ensuring this space is usable, as well as aesthetically pleasing. However, carrying out grounds maintenance at any time of the year takes commitment and design intuition to tailor the area to your business requirements.

Summer is an ideal time to make a start on outdoor design ideas. This is because as the longer days and warmer weather create the perfect conditions for a grounds maintenance project, you can achieve more in a shorter space of time with skilled professionals planning and installing each element of your design.

How to plan and implement your grounds maintenance project

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There are several aspects to consider when planning and implementing a business grounds maintenance project. Take a look at some of the key points to think about both before and during the process.

Establishing a budget

The scale and budget of your grounds maintenance project are one of the first areas that require finalising. Setting realistic goals and chatting through the details with a professional, such as phs Greenleaf, will help to avoid any pitfalls or additions that need to be made during the project.

Planning the design and appearance

Designing and planning how the space will look will require a keen eye and expert advice. This is vital, as it ensures the area works best for your business. This stage will involve assessing how the light will work in harmony with your chosen installations, as well as carrying out risk assessments for each aspect of the health and safety elements for each installation.

Using a professional service will provide an extensive consultation of the project. Including a full design and plan of the space to work through. The time frame will also be discussed at this point and setting realistic objectives will ensure that the final grounds maintenance work is exactly as planned.


Once this stage is finalised, installation work can begin. Summer is a great time to undertake grounds maintenance works as commercial environments see onsite staff take annual leave, and educational environments are quiet due to the summer holiday break. This means that there is minimal disruption to regular operations while work is being completed.

Hiring experts for your grounds maintenance project


Commercial grounds maintenance projects require a significant level of skill and investment to ensure they are completed to exact specifications. This is vital so that the project works effectively within your business environment. At phs Greenleaf, we can assist in every aspect of large grounds maintenance projects for a range of business premises. This will give you peace of mind, as we’ll take care of everything from initial planning and method statements, through to choosing plants and carrying out the installation. Our specialist GL Design Space also offers expert consultancy services for both interior and exterior design to help you create a space truly unique to your company.

Contact us today on 0800 090 2325 for a free quote and see how we can help your business stand out this summer.