It Makes Scents: Top 5 Scented Plants

Summer is the perfect time to admire vibrant blooms and sweet scents in gardens and public spaces. There are a number of popular flowers and scented plants that prove a hit for natural spots, and these can have a positive effect on the people that visit them. Planting distinctive scents bring a myriad of sensory experiences to the space. Not only do these plants smell great, but they also look beautiful too, and are the perfect addition to your garden or natural areas.


Take a look at some of the top scented plants in the UK, and how to care for them all year round.




Lavender plant in a small wooden bucket on a table next to a window


This pretty purple plant is prevalent in many domestic and commercial garden spaces due to it;s sweet scent. This plant is a hardy addition to a garden habitat, as it is an evergreen shrub that is drought tolerant. Lavender thrives in sunny spots and flowers during the summer to bring a beautiful display alongside its fresh scent. This plant is reasonably easy to care for and only requires pruning once a year in late summer to keep it under control.




Bunch of Pink roses close up


Roses have always proved a popular addition to garden areas, and come in a variety of captivating colours to complement any natural space. The scent produced by roses is another of its charms, and they bloom during the summer and autumn to brighten up both domestic and commercial gardens. Roses are very hardy plants and can grow in almost any soil, and exceptionally well if you add a little manure or compost. As this plant is deep-rooted, it can last for many years, but there are a number of pruning methods to consider depending on the type of roses you have. Check out this guide from The Royal Horticultural Society here.


Lemon balm


bunch of fresh lemon balm on a wooden background


For a fresh and zesty complement to your garden space, lemon balm is the perfect option. This luscious perennial has beautiful oval leaves with scalloped edges and blooms with white or purple flowers during the summer months. This plant is often used to make herbal teas and wines and gives a lemony zest to sauces and salads. This plant thrives well in most conditions and should be watered well in the summer. Lemon balms don’t require too much maintenance but can be pruned back after flowering to encourage further growth.




pink huge flower of honeysuckle


This popular garden plant has a highly perfumed scent that is perfect for a sensory complement in your natural space. Its pretty flower blooms in the summer and shrubs in late winter to create a hardy all-rounder for your exterior areas. They are also relatively easy to maintain and only need pruning back depending on when they flower in the season. Some honeysuckle species also require a small cut back or thin out to prevent congested growth, for more tips on how to grow and care for honeysuckle use this Honeysuckle grow guide.




Blue and white hyacinth plant


Hyacinths radiate a colourful bloom in the spring months and have a distinctive look alongside a fragrant scent. This hardy plant enjoys well-drained soil and lots of sunshine, and once they start to wilt, blooms should be removed to encourage future healthy growth. Hyacinths can also be grown indoors too, and they can be stimulated to flower early in these conditions.


If you’re looking to plant fragrant blooms in your commercial garden areas, contact us to discuss what type of plants and arrangements could work well in the space.