Top tips for creating a stunning winter hanging basket for your premises

Hanging baskets are often associated with summer blooms, but in fact, they also make a great addition to your business premises throughout winter too. As the warmer months have drawn to a close, now is the perfect time to switch up summer flowers with some hardy winter options. Planting flowers in autumn give new plants a few weeks to bed in before any cold snaps set in and ensure a long-lasting arrangement that will see you through until spring.


Take a look at our handy tips for creating hanging baskets for your business premises to add a touch of colour in the winter months.


Perfect plants for hanging baskets in winter


Top tips for creating a stunning winter hanging basket for your premises


Outdoor plants go through varying weather conditions in the winter. By choosing resilient plants, you will help to keep your arrangement looking great whatever Mother Nature has in store. Take a look at some of the best options for winter baskets:


  • Ivy
  • Winter Pansies
  • Crocus
  • Viola
  • Winter heather
  • Iris
  • Petunias
  • Geraniums
  • Lobelia


Maintaining your winter baskets


Top tips for creating a stunning winter hanging basket for your premises


Planting your winter baskets follows the same principles as summer planting. By choosing flowers that bloom beautifully together and that work well with trailing plants such as ivy, this will offer a stunning complement to your business frontage. In the winter, hanging baskets may not require as much watering compared to the summer months. However, it is crucial to ensure they don’t dry out completely. If you’ve had a prolonged spell of rain, checking the basket is not full of water will also improve its longevity.


Regular feeding and watching out for little pests will also keep your plants in the best condition. It is also advisable to deadhead when required, as this will keep the basket looking fresh and not overcrowded.


Using professional garden and landscaping services


Outdoor planting and exterior design will help to brighten up your business premises throughout the year. Designing and maintaining this area requires the right balance, and by using our specialist services, you can add personality and colour to any space.


phs Greenleaf provides a full-service option for companies looking to enhance facades and exterior areas. Each element from design through to installation is available, plus we can take the hassle of switching your flowers when spring arrives with our Spring Replant service.


Our specialist winter hanging baskets are carefully curated to offer a beautiful assortment of flowers that last throughout the colder months. We can also install an automatic watering system to ensure your displays always look healthy and vibrant.


Plants assortments can be chosen to suit your personal tastes. phs Greenleaf offer a beautiful mix of displays that work well with the environment and light in your exterior space. Plus, each collection has been expertly grown to deliver a fresh and long-lasting appearance throughout the season.


Hanging baskets are a stunning addition to your business premises throughout the year. If you’d like some advice and guidance on the design and installation of hanging baskets and exterior plants, contact us to find out more.