Top tips for making artificial plants and flowers look more realistic

Artificial plants are becoming increasingly realistic in appearance, to the point that many people would fail to notice the difference between a real and a fake plant without closer inspection.

This makes them a great option for your business if you want to easily add colour and interest to your building, but you lack the time and the resources to maintain and care for real indoor plants.

Because they don’t need sunlight or regular watering to survive, fake plants obviously require far less maintenance than real ones do. Fortunately, this doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice an authentic feel by opting for artificial plants; long gone are the days when you’d struggle to find a realistic alternative to a real plant. In fact, PHS Greenleaf provides a diverse range of artificial indoor plants for offices, commercial buildings, restaurants, hotels and spas, and many of these are designed to look as much like the ‘real deal’ as possible!

Want to make your existing plants look more realistic? Or are you unsure of what to look out for when choosing realistic artificial plants for your business? Check out our top tips for making artificial plants and flowers look more realistic below…

Keep them clean

While it’s true that fake plants are easier to look after than real ones as they don’t need to be watered, they still require a certain amount of maintenance to keep them looking their best. Not only that, but a thick layer of dust and dirt is a dead giveaway that your plants aren’t real.

To clean your artificial plants and restore them to their former glory, you should lightly dust the plants with a soft-bristle paintbrush; this is much gentler than using a feather duster, and will ensure minimal damage. If your fake flowers are made of silk, you should also avoid using chemical cleaning solutions, as this can cause their colours to run!

Anchor your plants in dirt

If your artificial plants are displayed in a tall opaque vase, then you don’t need to worry about the lack of water or dirt anchoring them in place if you want them to seem as real as possible. However, if you choose to put them in a glass container, then you can make your artificial plants look more realistic by keeping them topped up with a suitable amount of water. However, this should be regularly changed to ensure it looks fresh and clean.

Additionally, when it comes to the base, the most realistic looking fake plants and flowers are the ones anchored in dirt, fake moss, or rocks, so choose designs that incorporate one or two of these materials.

Choose natural colours

One of the main advantages of artificial plants in the workplace is that the colour options are endless, so you can easily match your blooms to your branding and the existing design of your building. Though this can make for a very impressive and eye-catching display, overly bright and unnatural colours won’t be the best option if you want them to pass for the real thing.

Our advice? Choose artificial plant displays that feature flowers that mimic the real deal. For example, you’re unlikely to come across bright neon roses in your garden, so opt for artificial displays with more muted tones, such as white, pink, and yellow. Your artificial flower displays should also include plenty of green elements for the most natural feel!

Consider placement

Finally, you should keep the placement of your artificial plants in mind if you want to ensure they look realistic. Just think about it; if your plants are displayed on high shelves (out of direct sunlight) or in a windowless meeting room, your visitors may automatically assume that they’re not real.

When it comes to plant placement, however, this doesn’t just apply to where they’re kept in the office; the structure of the actual plant is also important. Remember, no real plant has perfectly symmetrical leaves, and not every one of their flowers will be the same height.

Additional tip: if caring for real plants is a concern but you still want a natural looking display, combine artificial versions of difficult to maintain species with real versions of plants that are easy to maintain. No one will ever know the difference!

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