Traditional vs. modern Christmas decorating: which should you choose for your business?

Double Chandelier Drop - modern Christmas decorationsWhen it comes to decorating your business for the festive period, choosing a real or artificial Christmas tree isn’t the only big decision you’ll have to make; you’ll also need to decide whether you’re a fan of traditional Christmas decorating, or if you want to ‘think outside the box’ with something a little more contemporary!

Everyone loves Christmas for the warm feelings of nostalgia it evokes; ask most people, and they’ll tell you that they think of fir trees covered in flashing multi-coloured lights, pine cones, ribbons, and plenty of tinsel. However, more homes and businesses are now swapping traditional red and gold for icy blue, purple, and pink, the wreaths for Chandelier Drops, tabletop trees for Bauble Hoop Trees, and in some cases, going the extra mile with an upside-down artificial Christmas tree.

With their ability to really make an impact, a more unconventional display is a great for design agencies to showcase their creative skills and ‘wow’ their visitors (and potential customers). However, for pubs, restaurants, and any other locations that want to provide a cosy, homely feel this Christmas, you may be better off opting for a more classic take on your festive decorating.

Plus, not every building will be built to have a Christmas tree and decorations hanging from the ceiling, and you may want to utilise your branding colours, or incorporate the existing design of your premises; this can add a very slick and contemporary feel.

Unsure of where you stand when it comes to traditional vs. modern Christmas decorating? Here’s our top tips for achieving both styles, and how to choose the right Christmas décor for your business…

Traditional Christmas decorations and accessories

Traditional Christmas trees and decorations

Traditional Christmas decorations have the ability to evoke a feeling of nostalgia and warmth for many people; who doesn’t naturally associate the colours green, red and gold with Christmas, or have fond memories of themselves adorning their own childhood Christmas trees with multicoloured lights, and hanging up wreaths, and stockings ready to be filled with presents?

Because of this, a more traditionally decorated Christmas tree is the best option if you want to provide a homely and comforting feel in your premises, making them a perfect fit for the likes of pubs, coffee shops, cafes, and restaurants, as well as small hotels, B&Bs, offices, and retail premises.

How to get the look: if your premises are larger, or your Christmas tree is going to be situated outside the building, then you can’t beat the unique pine fragrance of a real Christmas tree! However, if a real tree isn’t a feasible option, artificial Christmas trees are becoming increasingly realistic in appearance, and you can always decorate the tree with real pinecones to add a more authentic feel.

In terms of other traditional Christmas decorations, take inspiration from the ornaments you’d put on your own childhood tree; think ribbons, stars, and classic round baubles, as well as a few wreaths and garlands thrown in for good measure!

Some popular designs from our traditional commercial Christmas tree range includes Traditional Red and Gold, Scarlet Fever (red and silver), and Royal Cracker (blue and gold).

Bauble Hoop Tree - modern Christmas decorations

Modern Christmas trees and decorations

if you want to do something a little different with your business’s Christmas decorating this year, then go modern by considering a colour scheme that moves away from the traditional gold, red, green, and other warm tones, and even swapping your conventional tabletop tree with one made from a different material altogether.

Although modern Christmas decor can be a great option if your premises are small in size, or you have a tricky shaped space to work with, they’re also perfect for larger buildings as they’ll allow you to really make an impact, and create a buzz around your brand if you’re a creative business! However, modern Christmas décor can also create an impressive display in the likes of large hotels and shopping centres.

How to get the look: the options are endless when it comes to modernising your Christmas decorating; think miniature disco balls, reindeer, Christmas trees, and other festive shaped ornaments instead of classic round baubles on your Christmas tree, hanging Flat Garland Wall Trees from the ceiling, or even opting for a Bauble Hoop Tree instead of a classic desktop one.

If you’d prefer to keep an element of your Christmas decorating traditional, then PHS Greenleaf offer a wide range of pre-decorated trees in unique and exciting colour themes. Our most popular modern designs include Starry Night (blue and silver), Christmas Blush (pink), and Mint Glow.

For more information on our commercial Christmas tree hire service and new Christmas alternative displays, contact PHS Greenleaf today.