Unique ways to incorporate plants into your hotel’s décor

All types of plants, from flowers to succulents, have become a key trend for both home and commercial décor. They’re a great way of adding interest to a space as although you can choose classic desktop plants and hanging baskets, living walls and other larger installations can provide an interesting twist on more traditional décor.


Plants also provide a range of health benefits, from making us happier and more productive, to improving the air quality by purify the air and reduce pollution, as well as mould, bacteria, and dust. Each of these can cause us to feel unwell by causing headaches, nausea, and other unpleasant symptoms.


Hotels are an ideal environment to incorporate plant life because they provide a relaxing and stylish ambience without being pretentious. Plant installations can also breathe life into an area, and help to create a unique space with different characteristics to complement your interior themes.


There are several ways to incorporate plants to support your hotel’s interior design and ambience. Take a look at their main benefits and how they can be worked into your space.


The benefits of using plants in hotel décor


Although one of the major appeals for plants in interior design is the aesthetic value they bring to an area, there are also lots of other benefits too. If a hotel has lots of unused space or marble features in corridors and entranceways, this may cause echoes. As plants absorb sound through their stems and leaves, using plants can reduce noise levels and make the area feel far more welcoming.


Interior plant displays present a relaxing and stress-relieving atmosphere for current and new guests that arrive at the hotel. They are also great for segmenting areas such as waiting areas without feeling too intrusive.


How to use plants to match your hotel décor


Plants can be used in all areas of a hotel, from the courtyard and lobbies, to bar areas and around swimming pools. No matter where they’re placed, plants can be used to create a naturally stylish look to accompany your hotel décor. This is because their unique aesthetics and characteristics bring an intriguing and eye-catching display to many hotel spaces.


This addition to the interior design is also an inexpensive way to add an original twist without over exaggerating your ideas. Using a range of beautiful vases and pots to hold the plants is also a great way to match the colours with your themes. Plants that have vibrant blooms can also be incorporated into the overall décor and are particularly effective if you have a simple yet chic design, which requires a pop of colour.


However, one thing to be aware of is that different environments will require different types of plants and planting themes to suit their décor. Those in a Georgian or Victorian building will require

more classic plants to suit their existing look and feel, while modern hotels can put a quirkier spin on their planting with the likes of indoor hanging baskets, living walls, and uniquely shaped vases, pots, and planters.


Unique uses of plants in interior design


Getting the right interior plants for your hotel is determined by how you want to present an area. There are several ways that you can incorporate popular hanging plants and larger floor standing examples, but you also have the option of adding something a little different to the mix. Popular and unique ways to bring plants into your décor is by featuring a living wall. This captivating design aspect helps to bring the outside in with vibrant natural colour and texture to complement your interior themes. Living and moss walls are also ideal for absorbing sound and are a natural pollutant filter to promote a happy and healthy environment and visitor experience.


Plants and floral interior displays are a fundamental part of modern hotel design and our range at phs Greenleaf can help you plan your space to create the perfect atmosphere for your guests.