Valentine’s Day decorating guide for hotels and restaurants

It goes without saying that hotels and restaurants thrive on Valentine’s Day, because they’re some of the most popular venues for couples to celebrate. Decorating for the occasion can make the difference between a memorable night for both you and your guests, and an easily forgettable one. Surpassing your guests’ expectations ensures they will be talking about it for months to come.


Decorating early and advertising how romantic the venue is looking can help drive last minute foot fall and make it seem less last minute! However, also keeping the decorations tasteful, sophisticated and understated will ensure the broadest possible market and the happiest guests.


To ensure your restaurant or hotel looks the part, check out our quick Valentine’s Day decorating guide below…


The gentle reminder…


 Passing trade can be very important for restaurants. Reminding all the later booking lovers that they need to make plans can often be all it takes to be front of mind when they come to book. Why not add a small bunch of Valentine’s balloons to the outside of your restaurant with some information on your menu and booking options?


Valentine’s plants and flowers

romantic valentines with a bottle of red wine red wrapped gift and a love heart


 Throughout history and across many countries and traditions, plants and flowers have symbolised love and romance. We associate the looks, smells, and feel of plants with the celebration of a special occasion.


We want to ensure your guests’ special occasion is remembered, so we’ve built our signature floral displays with the love and attention that Valentine’s Day deserves. Great options include our new Valentine’s desk floral (which features luscious red and pink roses in a square glass vase), and our Valentine’s hanging basket, which will add a stunning impact.


At phs Greenleaf, our new Valentine’s range also comes with the piece of mind that your plant displays will be delivered directly to your premises, and we’ll also take care of removing them after Valentine’s Day! These should get your customers talking, as well as taking photographs of them. The benefit of this is that it can be a great promotional tool if these images are shared on social media!


Turn the lights down low


Candlelight dinners are also considered to be the epitome of romance, so swap your overhead lighting for romantic candlelight or indirect lighting in your restaurant. To add to the romantic feel this will provide, you can even choose candle scents that include rose, vanilla, sandalwood, jasmine, or patchouli; each of these are associated with love and attraction.


Chocolate to finish


 Need we say more? Chocolate has not only been shown to enhance the mood (and the libido) but is heavily associated with romance. Whether it is after dinner, as diners collect their coats, or on the bedside cabinet, a well-made, rich chocolate will be the finishing touch to any great evening.


Great chocolate fact: Only 10% of people don’t like chocolate – so finding two of them, on the same date is statistically very unlikely!


Now, make sure you stock up on the bubbly!


The new Valentine’s Day range is available and can be rented until the end of the Valentine’s season! For more information, contact PHS Greenleaf.