Valentine’s Day just got a whole lot better

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, which means that love is in the air once again. So, to get you firmly in the spirit to celebrate the day concerned with all things love and affection (whether with your friends, family, or partner), phs Greenleaf florist, Nataljia, is very excited to unveil our new Valentine’s Day flowers and plants range!


Expanding on 25 years of experience of providing interior and exterior planting displays for businesses throughout the UK, our new Valentine’s Day range is the perfect addition to hotels, pubs, restaurants, or any business premises that want to spread the love.


Available on a rental basis, we’ll make things even easier for your business by delivering your displays directly to your door, as well as removing them from your premises after Valentine’s Day has ended.


To ensure an eye-catching display, opt for our Valentine’s desk floral, which features beautiful red and pink roses, gerberas, red twigs, and rattan hearts, which are encased in a glass vase.


valentines day range red flowers in a glass jar with red hearts as decorations

Alternatively, our Valentine’s hanging basket mixes red roses and berries with green foliage to add a stunning impact to bars and any other places you decide to hang them!


For a more simplistic display, choose our Valentine’s heart wreath, or the Valentine’s rose display. This features 3 luscious red roses encased in a stylish square glass vase, which is adorned with a silk ribbon.


At the forefront of designing our new Valentine’s Day range has been our florist, Natalija John. Having been a part of the phs Greenleaf family for the past 11 years, she’s worked extremely hard on ensuring the new range is perfect for our clients.


Below, Natalija shares her inspiration behind designing the new range, as well as her favourite design, and what else is in store for phs Greenleaf this year…


Hi, Natalija! Where did you find inspiration when designing the new Valentine’s Day range?


I always like to look around to help me pick up ideas for new displays. Plus, Valentine’s Day is all about love, so of course we were inspired by lots of red roses and hearts!


valentines day indoor hanging basket filled with red roses above a barHow did you go about designing the new collection? Tell us more about the process!


 I think it’s very nice to give our customers a variety of decorations to choose from, so that was one of our main priorities. We also wanted to create designs that are attractive and stylish in our customers’ environments.


What did you enjoy most about designing the new collection?


I’m always open to new ideas, so working on this project was a fantastic opportunity. Valentine’s Day is also a very romantic event, and it was lovely to create something that can bring the romance to our customers’ premises.


Which of the designs from the new Valentine’s Day range is your favourite and why?


My favourite is the hanging basket. What could be better than a full basket of red roses for Valentine’s Day? It’s any girl’s dream…


What project are you working on next? Is anything exciting in store for 2018?


Yes! I’m very excited for our new range to be released for Mother’s Day and Easter. I already have lots of ideas, so I’m really looking forward to working on this project!


The new Valentine’s Day range is available and can be rented until the end of the Valentine’s season! For more information, contact phs Greenleaf.