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8 Ideas for an Alternative Christmas Tree

Written by: phs Greenleaf

8 Ideas for an Alternative Christmas Tree

phs Greenleaf has been helping the UK to decorate for Christmas for over 25 years. In that time, we’ve learnt that everyone does Christmas differently. Some stick with traditional reds, golds and silvers; others love our contemporary purples and blues. Our themes cover everything from luxurious Champagne Fizz to the fun Candy Cane Forest, but even these don’t quite hit the spot for some… what if you want (or need) something completely different?

Good news! There are so many different alternatives to the usual pine, spruce or fir tree that you’ll be spoilt for choice. You really don’t have to have a traditional Christmas tree to feel Christmassy! Whether you’ve got an adventurous cat that likes to climb; an allergy to pine or a dislike of clearing up all of those needles; tiny tots that are into EVERYTHING; not enough space; too much space; or just want to make an impact with something quirky to get everyone talking; you’ll find Christmas décor to fit the bill.

The bad news is that once you start looking, you might never stop. There are so many options to satisfy your taste or theme, and fit the space and budget that you have available. So, phs Greenleaf is here to save you a little time and effort at this busiest time of year with our own list of alternative Christmas displays, equally suited to home or business:

Topsy Turvy

Turn your whole Christmas upside down with a conversation-starting inverted Christmas tree. Strictly speaking, this isn’t an alternative to the traditional Christmas tree but it’s certainly a new twist on our festive focal point. The craze was made popular a couple of years ago by designer Karl Lagerfeld with all fashionistas quickly following suit, delighted that it frees up valuable floor space. If you can figure out how to fix a tree to your ceiling or balance its tip on your floor, we say go for it!

Wood You or Wooden You?

Those of you who are fir tree phobic could find their ideal Christmas décor in a trendy rustic wooden option. Bought as self-assembly kits, these wooden trees might be ‘child’s play’ to construct but come in as a pricey alternative. Cheaper options can be had by finding your own pieces of timber, branches or driftwood and stacking them up. After use, simply recycle or save for next year.

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Tree!

If a Christmas tree isn’t tickling your taste buds, why not do away with it altogether? Keep the lights and ditch the greenery. Arrange nails, hooks or screws on a board in a tree formation and wind the fairy lights around them into your desired shape, for all the sparkle without the stress of finding the right tree. Mounted on a wall, this is perfect for the spatially challenged.


Back to Basics

Strip your Christmas right back by going for a twig tree. A very popular alternative to the traditional Christmas tree, you can leave the branches bare or paint them to match your theme. You can still hang all of your favourite baubles and lights, or buy a pretty pre-lit version to save you all of the hassle.


Get your creative head on and put your own individual stamp on Christmas. We’re not talking about a few pieces of tinsel and the Blue Peter Advent Crown, but rather some more tasteful seasonal creations that you can concoct using craft shop supplies. Get the kids involved, roll out some Christmassy treats, whack on the festive music and make a day of making.  Anything goes!

Or Don’t DIY

If your creative fingers are a bit numb, you can always recruit the help of the experts at phs Greenleaf who can supply and deliver all your Christmas decorations, from desktop displays to 13.5m trees. For something a bit different, our tastefully decorated Spiral Trees (0.85m or 1.45m tall) are an eye-catching alternative to a traditional tree. Our space-saving Hoop Trees come in four different colours and are excellent for those with limited space and can be perfectly positioned on a reception desk or side table.

Get Laddered!

Still on the theme of DIY, you can use ordinary household paraphernalia to brighten up your Christmas. An A-frame ladder is the perfect means of displaying all of your baubles and fairy lights with not a pine needle (real or artificial) in sight!

A Bit of What You Fancy

At the end of the day, Christmas is about letting your hair down and surrounding yourself with things that you love. So why not construct your Christmas ‘tree’ from all the things that make you happy. Books, wine, sweets, even lego. We’d advise against using friends and family – who’d cook the Christmas dinner?

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