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Clean Air Day – You know it Makes Sense

Written by: phs Greenleaf

Clean Air Day – You know it Makes Sense

Aromas have been proven to conjure up all sorts of memories and also to influence behaviour. Bringing fresh air, invigorating scents and soothing fragrances indoors can have a huge effect on work and leisure time, encouraging staff to be more productive, and customers to spend more time and money in your premises.

With many of our favourite smells deriving from plants – cotton, lavender, fruits and cut grass - when it comes to circulating these scents, who better than the UK’s leading commercial interior and exterior planting service, phs Greenleaf?

Heady scents of flowers and foliage are mixed to create multi-sensory branding experience in your office or retail unit in the form of Sensamist®, a new scent technology that’s taking the industry by storm. And what better day to celebrate a new scent diffuser than National Clean Air Day, 17th June.

Bring your colleagues and customers to their senses

Smell is the most sensitive of all of our senses and plenty of research points to the effect that aromas can have on us. For years, we have used essential oils, candles and diffusers in our homes to create a more amenable environment. There’s no reason why our love for fragrances shouldn’t be extended to the workplace, retail environment and institutions. Research shows that we are one hundred times more likely to remember something by smell, whether that be a good or bad experience, a place or an action, with an accuracy of 65% after one year. So, if you want someone to have a long-term favourable memory of your premises, you’ll need to provide a pleasant aroma to accompany it.

Sensamist in shop

It’s not just memories that are provoked by attractive scents: 82% of people would spend more time in a place because of a nice smell, with 63% of customers having preferred one sweet-smelling shop over a less favourably scented shop and 59% spending more in a place because of the pleasing natural or manufactured fragrances therein.

75% of the emotions we generate are provoked by scent. Using a scent that promotes cheerfulness, holiday vibes or relaxation can encourage staff or customers to feel more positive and therefore more industrious in their work or generous with their cash, making everyone happier.

Link these positive smells to your brand name or organisation and your business will reap the benefits. Just like Netherland rail services who have found that the cleanliness associated with lemon fragrance has encouraged passengers to reduce littering on trains.

Fragrance your building your way

phs Greenleaf’s Sensamist® non-aerosol, scent diffuser range utilises advanced atomizer technology to spread aromas further and more economically, with one refill lasting as long as 166 days (depending on model and setting).  A choice of 3 different desk mounted or floor standing units provide coverage of up to 2,000m3 (over 70,500 ft3).

Deliver fragrance where it is needed most with the S150 desktop diffuser. For bigger spaces, the Sensamist® S1000 is HVAC compatible so won’t interfere with your building’s heating or air conditioning, while the largest unit, the S3000 is remote control operated, allowing you to vary fragrance levels at the touch of a button. All of the sleek and unobtrusive diffusers are mains powered, which means you’ll never have to worry about replacing batteries, and with virtually silent operation, the only trace Sensamist® will leave behind is a beautiful fragrance, tailored to your required intensity.

Choose from phs Greenleaf’s own range of delightful scents – Cotton Breeze, Invigorate, Summer Delight or Zen Garden for the office; Zesty Citrus for the washroom; Clean and Fresh or Linen for hotel rooms, healthcare and education; and Uplifting, Desire, Hypnotise or Sophistication for retail and reception spaces. Of course, you needn’t stick to our recommendations and can place any of our carefully blended fragrances wherever you’d like them, or create your own by providing a sample scent for us to match.

Whether you want to create a more calming, cleaner, stimulating or focussed environment, phs Greenleaf’s Sensamist® has a fragrance for you. Take advantage of National Clean Air Day to take steps to make your premises more memorable, productive and inviting by getting in touch with phs Greenleaf today.

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