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Faux Flowers: The Next Big Thing in Artificial Office Plants

Written by: phs Greenleaf

phs Greenleaf has been providing planting and landscaping services to businesses for over 25 years, including indoor and outdoor plants, artificial and live planting, living walls, grounds maintenance and Christmas trees and decorations.

Faux flowers and artificial plants are once again becoming a popular décor feature in homes and offices. Thanks to advances in technology, realistic artificial plants now look just as good as the real thing.

Artificial plants in pots and vases have even been showcased in the pages of Ideal Home and Vogue, proving that this design trend is here to stay. Everyone deserves to enjoy the beauty of flowers, artificial office plants and home faux flower arrangements provide an easy way to brighten up interior environments without the need for green fingers.

How to make artificial flowers

Fake plants offer an abundance of benefits to office environment:

  • always in season – so you won’t have to worry about waiting for your favourite plant to be in season.
  • long lasting – artificial plant stems won’t wilt, and faux flower petals will never drop
  • minimal maintenance – no watering or dead-heading of artificial plants required
  • economic – longer lasting blooms makes fake plants a cost-effective option
  • convenient – no need to place artificial plants in pots or in water, in sunlight or out of draughts
  • non-irritant – allergy sufferers will thank you for your consideration in using indoor artificial plants.

In order to preserve the beautiful characteristics of plants, home and office artificial plants are mostly made from plastics and polythene, with silks sometimes employed for the petals of faux flowers. These materials are hardy and easy to maintain, holding colour and shape well.

How to arrange artificial flowers

Don’t be afraid to get creative with faux flowers and fake plants by mixing colours and foliage types. You could even combine artificial flowers with dried flowers for a more relaxed look.

The wide choice of artificial plants available means you can easily create a unique display that compliments your business interior. Using a mixture of faux flowers and tall artificial plants or hanging artificial plants can make a real design impact in your office.

As well as making ideal indoor plants, you can also place artificial plants outdoors. Artificial exterior hanging baskets provide an easy and quick way to add instant colour to your premises without taking up any valuable floor space.

How to clean artificial flowers

Although artificial flowers do not require water or light, they still require a little dusting now and again. Luckily, learning how to clean artificial flowers is easy.

However, if you’re looking for a fuss-free cleaning solution, you can employ the services of a reliable and trusted artificial office plant supplier, such as phs Greenleaf. They will supply and look after your artificial plants, with no effort at all required from you or other staff.

If you’d rather clean your plants yourself, a paintbrush is probably the easiest tool to employ when keeping your fake plants looking their best. It’s great for getting into hard-to-reach spots where dust and grime can gather. As artificial plants aren’t watered, dirt won’t stick to the stems and petals, making it easy to brush away. This method will take about 10-15 mins per faux flower or plant.

Compressed air will make the cleaning process a little quicker. However, make sure to do this in an open space as the air jet with force dust from the fake flowers or plants everywhere. Not great for dust allergy sufferers.

A gentle wipe with a damp cloth (without cleaning products) should remove stubborn dirt from any of your indoor artificial plants, however, silk fake flowers should be avoided, in case of colour run. Blotting with kitchen towel will return the artificial plant to its usual matt finish.

These simple routines will keep your artificial plants looking their best and help you discover how to make artificial plants last longer. Get the family to join in at home, and at work, nominate someone to carry out the job on a rota or have each employee dedicated to the care of one of the office artificial plants.

What are the best artificial plants for offices?

You can easily introduce botanical trends into your workplace with artificial plants. phs Greenleaf offers a wide range of interesting artificial office plants, from small artificial plants in tasteful pots, to glass bowls and vases filled with fake flowers and mixed artificial succulents.

phs Greenleaf can work with your businesses to design and supply your dream artificial display.

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