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Five low-maintenance plants for interior living spaces

Written by: phs Greenleaf

phs Greenleaf has been providing planting and landscaping services to businesses for over 25 years, including indoor and outdoor plants, artificial and live planting, living walls, grounds maintenance and Christmas trees and decorations.

Five low-maintenance plants for interior living spaces

Plants are amazing. They’re colourful, lively, and offer an easy way to customise your space. But they don’t just look pretty, they naturally enhance our mental and physical wellbeing.

We believe that plants should be incorporated into all living spaces and have used our expert knowledge to choose five low-maintenance that will transform any environment into a plant-filled sanctuary.

These plants have been chosen because they:

  • Are hardy houseplant that need minimal care.
  • Require very little watering and thrive in most light conditions.
  • Naturally purify the air, removing CO2, dust, and allergens.


The Monstera Deliciosa, also known as the Swiss Cheese Plant, has become a must-have houseplant in recent years. It has attractive bright green leaves that are constantly changing; perfect for livening up even the dullest of corners.


A very sturdy houseplant that grows upright, making it ideal for any sized space. The tall sword-like leaves are uniquely textured, providing a fascinating mix of yellow and green shades.



This flowering plant is native to rainforests but is just as happy in the home. This luscious plant always looks vibrant, with colourful flowers adding extra brightness during the spring and summer months.


The Rubber Plant is a classic 70s houseplant that is undergoing a big revival due to its durability. The central stem of this plant tends to grow straight without any off shoots; allowing your desired growth style to be easily maintained



The Golden Pothos is a trailing plant that looks great in a hanging basket or draped over a decorative shelf.  Its glossy leaves grow in shades of green and yellow, particularly thriving in warmer rooms.

Transform your environment with phs Greenleaf 

phs Greenleaf is a design-led team of horticultural experts who believe everyone can benefit from having more plants in their lives. From corporate offices to shopping centres, our services can be tailored to suit any environment.

We’ll work with you to understand the needs of your interior or exterior environments, designing and implementing a dynamic planting displays that look good and do good.


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