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How to use plants to create a safe working environment

Written by: phs Greenleaf

How to use plants to create a safe working environment

Employees may be nervous about adjusting to workplace social distancing guidelines. However, by introducing plants into corporate and commercial environments, you can make a positive difference to employee health and well-being.                            

Plants provide endless benefits to human health. From improved air quality to increased mood and reduced stress, plants truly enhance our wellbeing while making us smile.  

To help businesses get back to work safely during the coronavirus pandemic, phs Greenleaf have developed innovative planting solutions that will create a safe and aesthetically pleasing environment.


Use indoor planting to purify your air


High levels of carbon dioxide (CO2), and irritants in the air can cause people to feel unwell, leading to headaches, nausea, sore throats and dry eyes. An easy way to counteract this is by introducing interior plants into your working environment.

Interior plants are effective at removing CO2, dust, mould, and bacteria from the air as they are able to break them down for use in their own growth.

From traditional potted plants and flowers to bespoke indoor displays that utilise your brand colours. Plants can be used to create a lavish first impression in offices, hotels, restaurants, and pubs.

Being surrounded by nature and greenery has been proven to help people relax and reduce stress. By adding a few plants around your restaurant or office, you could boost the morale of employees, while creating a clean and hospitable environment for customers.  


Get creative with freewall dividers


If you’re looking to implement social distancing in your premises while maintaining a friendly environment, plant filled Freewall Dividers are the ideal solution.

Freewall Dividers can be used internally to separate areas, mark out social distancing requirements, and section off walkways. The plants on these dividers provide a natural burst of colour and texture, which makes them a contemporary and environmentally friendly alternative to plastic panels.

The range of freewall dividers available from phs Greenleaf provide an easy way to mark out areas. Not only will these plant dividers add character to your large area, they will also allow spaces to be kept light and open.

Planting can be incorporated into both sides of the barriers, or one side could be kept free for use as a notice board, logo display, or signage. Freewall Dividers are available with or without wheels, making them a very flexible choice for your business.

Directional signage doesn’t have to be boring


Upon re-opening, businesses will need to highlight any new safety requirements and clearly mark out walking routes. To accommodate this need, phs Greenleaf have developed plant topped directional signage that will allow you to share key messages while maintaining a welcoming environment.

Plant topped Directional Signage provides a modern solution to social distancing requirements. They will create a rich and friendly atmosphere, and you could even choose plants to match brand colours.

This modern signage solution has been designed to blend seamlessly business environments, making them a much more appealing option than traditional signage.

As well as providing clear signage, the plants on these barriers will help maintain a clean working environment by absorbing irritants from the air, and enhancing aesthetic appeal.


Why choose phs Greenleaf?


phs Greenleaf provide high quality plants that are ethically sourced from MPS certified growers. Our experienced horticulturalist-led team will make regular maintenance visits to care for your plants, making the process as fuss-free as possible for your business.

We realise that a one-size service doesn’t fit all types of businesses, which is why we offer different levels of bespoke servicing depending on your requirements and budget. 

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