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Moss walls - a great addition to any office space

Written by: phs Greenleaf

phs Greenleaf

Moss walls - a great addition to any office space

Moss walls are a great addition to any modern workplace. Giving the illusion that moss is growing out of the walls of your building, they’re very unique and eye-catching in appearance, and they really allow you to make a statement with your décor even if you have a limited amount of floorspace.

In addition to putting creative spin on your interior planting, moss walls also offer some of the same great health benefits as interior plants. This complements environments that only have a certain level of space available, from restaurants and hotels, to offices, educational facilities, and even hospitals.  Our moss walls are versatile enough that they can cover the entire wall of an office reception area, or be placed in frames to accompany the rest of the wall’s décor in a pub or restaurant.

At GL DesignSpace, our moss walls are available with two kinds of preserved moss as well as other mosses and natural materials. Reindeer moss is our most popular due to its flexibility and diversity being available in a variety of colours as well as many shades of green so if you want to match your room’s colour scheme or your company logo this is a clever way to do this. Bun moss is also popular because of its unique raised texture and natural look. These mosses can be used on their own, as a mixed moss wall or as mixed moss with other natural products such as bark, seed heads and coir to add texture and variety to Art panels.

Here are just some of the benefits of moss walls in the workplace…

They’re easy to maintain

Unlike traditional indoor plants, our moss walls are preserved, so they don’t require sunlight or watering. This means that your moss wall will require minimal maintenance after being installed, so it’s the perfect way to bring greenery indoors if your business lacks the resources (whether this be budget or staff members) to care for real plants.

They don’t need much space

Our walls are made from sectioned panels set on firm but slim backing board meaning the depth is generally quite shallow. Unlike live planting which will take up space coming out from your wall, moss walls and panels only use a fraction of room space making them the perfect product to embrace green but use absolutely minimal space.  Due to the flexible nature of the product too, we can create lettering and logos of all shapes and sizes to perfectly recreate your company branding.

They boost your productivity

Various studies on Biophilia have found that indoor plants and moss can make you more productive, with a 2014 experiment published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology concluding that they can increase productivity by 15%. This is because being in the presence of plants has been proven to boost people’s memories, as well as their concentration and creativity levels.

They make you happier

Another way that indoor plants (such as moss walls) increase your productivity in the workplace is by making you happier and less stressed. Increased greenery in the workplace is known to have a calming effect, and according to UTS research from 2010, plants can reduce feelings of tension and anxiety by 37%; depression and dejection by 58%, and anger and hostility by 44%.

They reduce noise levels

Whether you’re working in a noisy office, or visiting a restaurant that’s situated on a busy road, we all know that unwanted background noise can be very distracting, and it can disrupt a room’s ambience. Fortunately, moss walls are a great addition to busy environments because they’re great at absorbing sound, with research finding that they can reduce ambient noises in offices by as much as 5 decibels.

For more information on beautiful moss walls and living walls from GL DesignSpace, contact us today.

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