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Office Plant Hire In London

phs Greenleaf is the leading commercial plant hire and landscaping company in London.

Our team of experienced professionals provide a wide range of services, from planting trees and shrubs to full landscape design and construction. We have the resources to handle any sized project, so you can be sure your business will get the attention it deserves.

Our goal is to help your business thrive by creating an outdoor space that is both beautiful and functional. We understand that every client has unique needs, which is why we offer a variety of services to choose from. Let us help you create the perfect outdoor space for your business.

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Why phs Greenleaf?

With over 25 years’ experience of providing planting and landscaping services to businesses’ throughout the UK we have the knowledge of providing our services in a variety of sectors including hospitality, retail, FM’s and public sector. Which means you can be sure that phs Greenleaf will provide you with an unrivalled plant service.

We offer a wide variety of services including indoor planting and outdoor planting, artificial and live planting, living walls, grounds maintenance services and Christmas decorations.

With around 8,000 customers across the UK phs Greenleaf ensures each customer is assigned an account manager to coordinate every part of the process from the initial design to the installation.

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Where To Find Us

82-84 Staines Road, Laleham

Middlesex, London

TW18 2ST

About London

With more than a quarter-century of industry experience, phs Greenleaf is the go-to choice for superior landscaping and planting services in London. We cater to a wide array of sectors, including hospitality, retail, FM's, and the public sector.     

With a client base exceeding 8,000 across the UK, we assign dedicated account managers to oversee your project from inception to completion, ensuring top-tier plant services throughout London and its neighboring regions.

10 Fun Facts About London

  1. The Great Fire: In 1666, the Great Fire of London razed much of the city, and the monument to commemorate it stands exactly 202 feet from where the fire began.

  2. No Ravens, No Kingdom: The legend says that as long as there are ravens at the Tower of London, the kingdom will stand. Today, ravens are protected and have their wings clipped to prevent them from flying away.

  3. Big Ben Isn't the Tower: Many people mistakenly refer to the iconic clock tower as Big Ben. In fact, Big Ben is the nickname for the bell inside the tower.

  4. Hidden River: The River Fleet, one of London's underground rivers, flows beneath the streets of the city, hidden from view.

  5. The Oldest Underground: The London Underground, commonly known as the Tube, is the world's oldest underground railway, opening in 1863.

  6. Prime Meridian: The Prime Meridian, dividing the Eastern and Western Hemispheres, is located at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, making it the reference point for Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

  7. Red Phone Boxes: London's iconic red telephone boxes were designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott and introduced in the 1920s.

  8. The Smallest Police Station: Located in Trafalgar Square, the smallest police station in London was originally a lamp post, converted to a police call box.

  9. Tube Map Design: Harry Beck, a draftsman, designed the iconic London Underground map in 1931, which was revolutionary in its simplicity and clarity.

  10. Parks and Green Spaces: London boasts over 3,000 parks and green spaces, including the famous Hyde Park and Hampstead Heath, providing ample opportunities for recreation and relaxation.

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